Los Angeles based documentary filmmaker Asako Ushio is currently in the final stages of completing Cat People, a documentary about the eclectic and varied lives of people who love and care for cats.

The beautiful film explores the many different ways how  humans coexist and share their lives with cats. From America to a small island in Japan, the film examines the many different facets of human feline relationships. “As a longtime owner of cats, I’ve always thought of myself as the perfect ‘mother’ ,”said Asako. “And there are so many others like myself dedicating their time, passion, and money to their love of felines, No other animal on the planet inspires as much loyalty from humans.”

However, Asako realized that the feline human relationship was much more complicated than she ever imagined. Cats and humans coexist through multiple levels of domesticity, from household companions to wild street animals to secluded island inhabitants. Cat People explores the evolving challenges facing cats living in a human world.


Act 1: Urban Cat People

Urban Cat People’s mission is to care for street cats, and to control the cat population. Feline rescue groups, such as FixNation and Luxe Paws deal with cats from all walks of life: pregnant, injured, and abused. Trapping cats on the street for Spay Neuter is their way of spending a Friday night. Cats don’t take days off, and neither do Urban Cat People.

Act 2: Domestic Cat People

Cat lovers may spend hours watching funny cat videos on YouTube, but they often don’t always see the true lives of domestic cats. They are often bored and don’t really get a chance to be true to their nature. Domestic Cat People provide interesting solution for cats to thrive even in a small confined space like our home. This chapter features our friend Kate Benjamin and unique products that accommodate house cats.


Act 3: Cat Island People

Cats on the Cat Island of Tashiro-jima in the northern part of Japan have an average 5-year life expectancy. “They have no safety bubble, but at the same time, they live a life full of freedom,” says Asako. They are neither domesticated nor wild and only loosely connected to the people that share the island with them. Currently, the cat population is 120 and human population is 50. Cat photographer YoshinaoTanaka, frequently visits Cat Island with veterinarian Dr. Cress. Together they take care of the cats and document their environment.


Cat People showcases the close interconnectedness between feline and human lives.

Help make Cat People a reality and support TNR efforts

Asako is currently in the final stages of post production. She needs funding to complete the film! The funding will go toward final writing, music, mix, color, online, and graphic/animation. Askao is  professional editor, but she needs to hire other creative talents to take the film to a professional level.

Asako will donate 5% of all funds raised to FixNation’s spay neuter clinic, and another 5% to Luxe Paws.

Visit Cat People‘s GoFundMe page for more information, and to contribute.

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