Month: November 2018

Plush Nesting Cat Condo and Tunnel


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I came across this plush cat tunnel condo combination and really liked it. It was definitely designed by someone who really knows cats. Allegra and Ruby are hoping Santa will drop one off at our house.Continue Reading

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Ask the Cat Behaviorist with Dr. Marci Koski: Spraying Cat, High Energy Tortie, Redirected Aggression, Cat Obsessed with Bread, and More


Dr. Marci Koski is a certified Feline Behavior and Training Professional who received specialized and advanced certificates in Feline Training and Behavior from the Animal Behavior Institute. While Marci has been passionate about all animals and their welfare, cats have always had a special place in her heart. In fact, Marci can’t remember a time when she’s been without at least one cat in her life. She currently relies on her five-member support staff  to maintain the feline duties of her household.Continue Reading

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A Quick & Easy Way to Determine Your Cat’s Body Condition Score

white cat laying on the animal scale while the vet measure weight

A staggering 53% of America’s cats are overweight. Obesity leads to any number of health issues, including diabetes and arthritis. On the flip side, gradual weight loss can also be an indicator of a developing health problem, including hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and intestinal disease . Your cat’s weight is one of the most important indicators of her health. Continue Reading

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What to Expect & Do When You’re Grieving the Loss of a Cat


Written by Sarah Chauncey

The loss of a cat is heartbreaking for any guardian, but many are blindsided by the depth and intensity of grief they feel. You’re grieving not only a being, but also a relationship that was unique to you. In addition, cats often with people through entire chapters of their lives. The cat’s death marks the end of an era in the human’s life.Continue Reading

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Hauspanther MaxScratch Oversized Cat Scratching Post and Perch (2023 Review)

MaxScratch-scratching post

When it comes to scratching posts, more is better. They are one of the most important pieces of cat furniture, and every cat household should have at least one in every room. In addition to providing a natural outlet for your cat’s need to scratch, they can also prevent a variety of behavioral problems. The Hauspanther MaxScratch is big enough not just for scratching, but also for climbing and perching.Continue Reading

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