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You’ve seen my reviews of some of the humorous and heartwarming short stories about the ongoing adventures of Gwen’s feline family in her monthly Curl up with a Cat Tail Series over the last few months. Hopefully, the stories have whetted your appetite for more! You won’t have to wait much longer: My Life in a Cat House, a collection of eight stories, comes out on October 30th.

Pre-order now and help Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Gwen is donating 100% of her royalties on all pre-orders and first-week sales (through November 4th) to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in Raleigh, NC. Gwen was able to donate $10,000 to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary out of Homer’s Odyssey pre-orders and first week sales. “This time around I want to double that number!” said Gwen.

Win a visit from Gwen Cooper

If you pre-order a copy of the book from your local brick and mortar bookstore (including chain bookstores like Barnes and Noble,) you can enter a drawing to win a visit from Gwen! The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 in the US, UK and Canada (except where prohibited.)

Simply email Gwen at with your name, your city/state, the name of the bookstore you pre-ordered the book from, and the number of copies you pre-ordered. Each pre-ordered copy counts as an entry. If you buy two books, you double your chance of winning. And, of course, the more people who pre-order in the same town, the likelier that the winner will be in that town, so get your friends in on this, too. If one of you wins the visit from Gwen, you can all meet her!

Online pre-orders from Amazon and other online retailers will not count as a  contest entry unless you pre-ordered online prior to September 17th. Gwen will, however, make the same 100% donation to Blind Cat Rescue regardless of where the book was ordered/sold.

One caveat: for your donation, and the contest entry, to count, you’ll need to actually pick up your pre-ordered copy between October 30 and November 4. Books that aren’t picked up are returned by the store, which means that Gwen won’t earn royalties on those books. No royalties, no donation to Blind Cat Rescue.

Become part of the My Life in a Cat House promotional team and get exclusive access to Gwen

Gwen is also looking for a small number of people who can help her in generating enthusiasm for pre-orders and donations to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. As a member of this group, you will get Gwen’s private email address and home phone number, as you’ll be in touch with Gwen quite a bit. The person who rallies the largest number of pre-orders in their area will also get a personal visit from Gwen. If you’re interested in being a part of this (small) group, please contact Gwen at and tell her how you would help her spread the word.

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  1. “Online pre-orders from Amazon and other online retailers will not count as a contest entry unless you pre-ordered online prior to September 17th.” Sigh. I wish I had seen this before the deadline.

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