It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the devastation in the Carolinas and beyond following hurricane Florence. To think about what the people and the animals in the flooded and destroyed areas are going through just breaks my heart. The one bright spot in all of this, to me, has been to see the many images of pets being rescued. Distressing as the images and videos may be, It seems that finally, the message is getting through that pets are family members.

Animal rescue groups from all over the country have mobilized to help the animals affected by the storm, getting animals out of already crowded shelters in the affected areas to other parts of the country where they will be adopted into loving homes to make room for pets displaced by the storm in hopes of reuniting them with their guardians. And all of these groups need your help.

The following organizations are just a few of many that are involved in rescue efforts. Please check their websites for information on what they need, and how to donate. I prefer to donate to local rather than large national organizations so I can be sure that my donations are used for the intended purpose.

Rescue organizations in the South

There are shelters and rescue groups all over the South who have and will be taking in animals displaced by the storm and the resulting flooding. The three organizations listed below are only a small selection:

SPCA of Wake County

Charleston Animal Society

Atlanta Humane Society

Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is flying rescued pets out of the flooded areas to shelters in other parts of the country.


If you’re currently thinking of adding another pet to your family, this is a great time to adopt. By adopting a cat or dog at your local shelter, you’re freeing up space for animals who will need to be evacuated out of the flooded and devastated areas to make room for animals rescued from the flood waters.

What to donate

Most organizations will probably need money rather than goods. With floods blocking off many roads, and many warehouses in flooded areas, the logistics of storing donations may overwhelm organizations whose volunteers are already stretched to the limit. Also, keep in mind that there is going to be a long term need for donations for months and possibly even years, so take that into consideration when planning your donations.

3 Comments on How You Can Help Animals Affected by Hurricane Florence

  1. My nightly prayers include the poor animals that were left behind, farm animals, wildlife, etc. that didnt know what was happening, where to go, what to do. Even though God gave them instinct, this type of thing isnt something they deal with often.

    More links should be publicly advertised as to where those rescued animals are taken; there should be a database or webpage dedicated to all animals rescued from catastrophes like this; the database should list picture, where rescued, where now located, any markings/descriptions, medical problems found, microchip numbers if they were done, etc. ALL rescue orgs and people that have been involved with such, should be able to list this info.

    people that evacuated, passed on, etc. whose animals have been rescued, most likely want them back!!!! where do they go to find them?? they are considered family members too….imagine along with losing home/belongings, you had to leave your pets….cant imagine the heartache of doing so….

    so please, cant someone start something like this for the animals? appears there are going to be more and more catastrophic incidences, and we cant always take our pets.

    also, THANK GOD for those rescuers and foster folks who do this for the animals!!!! can you please get this info out there? thanks to all for prayers, help, donations, whatever, for the animals!!!!

  2. I worry about everyone effected during a disaster like this. But I can’t help but worry more about the animals as they don’t know what’s going on and those left behind break my heart. I would take my cats with me even if it meant living out of my car.

  3. Thank you for the links. It’s beyond heartbreaking. I saw an entire factory farm underwater and the death count is at 1.7 million and expected to rise. To see the stories of the heroes who emerged from the devastation is what keeps my faith up. Sharing this information and thank you to everyone who helps and my heart goes out those who lost everything.

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