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I first saw Pamela May’s adorable cat baskets at Cat Camp NYC. Each basket is custom made for cats of all shapes and sizes, so no two will ever be alike. Pamela uses an assortment of t-shirt and fabric yarns in each creation.

The result is a basket cats can dig their nails into and make biscuits and the best part? No shredding left behind! The baskets measure 19 inches long, 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide, when flattened by kitty, they measure 15 x 16 inches. The baskets are washable.


The baskets are available in a huge variety of primary and secondary colors, and are available from Bruno and Boop’s Etsy Shop.


Of course, Pamela does not create these baskets by herself. Her company is named after Bruno and Boop, two kittens adopted from the Kitten Lady, Bruno serves as Quality Control Manager, and Boop, as Inspector, is in charge of making sure each basket is wrapped and packed correctly. Pamela’s other cats, Pippi and Penny Lane, also help in overseeing daily operations.

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  1. We had Pam make one for us in orange and off-white. Our cats LOVE it. Works kind of a like a cross between a basket and a blanket to sit on – I think smaller cats would fit in it better than our two bigger kitties but that doesn’t take away from their enjoyment of the basket at all. I should probably order another one because they both love it so much! It is very soft!

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