Get ready to watch or set your DVR’s: Jackson Galaxy returns with back to back episodes of Season 10 of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet this Saturday, September 1, at 8pm Eastern/Pacific.

This season, Jackson heads across the country to help behaviorally challenged cats and their humans. Jackson will face one of his greatest challenges ever when an old friend and animal welfare expert enlists his help to recruit a new generation of volunteers to save feral cats in Philadelphia. Other stories include Jackson helping to shine a light on a prison program that integrates foster cats into corrections facilities to help rehabilitate inmates, and working with a foster guardian desperate to save a cat from being euthanized in an episode with one of the most miraculous outcomes in the history of the series.

Additional stories this season include Jackson coming to the aid of a Delaware-based veteran suffering from PTSD whose therapy cat seems to bring him far more stress than comfort, and a high stakes situation where Jackson encounters the vicious claws of a troubled cat terrorizing a family as they are about to bring home a newborn baby.

Can’t wait for the season premiere? Check out the companion series on social media, My Cat from Heaven, featuring inspirational and feel-good stories. Jackson connects with remarkable cats in some of the most extreme circumstances, leading to incredibly heartwarming experiences, both for him and the cat guardians he encounters along the way.

9 Comments on My Cat From Hell Season 10 Premieres September 1

  1. We love Jackson! We need his help. We have 11 cats in our home, the cats generally all coexist, but we have issues with urine in places in the home and on furniture as well as sinks and counter tops, we have caught a couple of them in the act.. Spraying on the kitchen counters and walls in our house… please help.. susan imler

  2. I absolutely love Jackson Galaxy!! Wonderful human being, kind heart I believe cats can tell if a person is genuine. Looking forward to the new season. Also, I am going to look for My Cat from Heaven online. That’s how I feel about our four babies. It’s been 11 years we have had our Angels. They have been with me through my worst and my best life expiriences. They are truly a gift from Heaven!!

  3. Does anyone have any idea how much the people pay for Jackson to come help them? I’ve just always wondered. He does amazing work.

    • Jackson no longer sees private clients. The show holds casting calls for each season, and the people you see on the show are picked after their applications are evaluated.

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