Pasadena, CA was the place to be for cat lovers last weekend. The 4th annual CatCon event featured cat lovers from around the world who came to attend seminars, meet celebrity cats, and shop a huge variety of cat products and accessories. The convention also featured a large adoption village.

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, and I thought I’d share some of my personal highlights with you. I have to confess that I was so immersed in soaking up every aspect of the experience, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures!

Saturday morning, waiting for CatCon to open

There were so many awesome cat products – I’ll be featuring some in the weeks and months to come. Here’s just a small sample:


I saw so many things I loved, it was hard to pick just one thing that stood out, but I have to admit, this stunning lucite cat tower from the Refined Feline was my absolute favorite.


On Sunday, I hosted an hour long, standing room only Ask the Cat Expert workshop. Thanks to all who came, and it was wonderful to meet so many of our readers in person!

Ask the Cat Expert Workshop

There were so many tortie kittens in the CatCon Adoption Village! 159 cats and kittens were adopted over the course of the weekend. I saw a lot of happy people walking out of the convention center with a cat carrier in hand, and I sure hope these tortie babies were among those who found their forever homes.


CatCon raised $40,000 for their charity beneficiaries, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, Lil BUB’s Big Fund, Kitten Rescue LA, and Milo’s Sanctuary.

My two personal highlights of the weekend: getting to spend time with my dear friend Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther,


and a visit to Venice Beach Friday afternoon.


CatCon is an experience that’s not to be missed. The energy of 16,000 cat lovers, all excited to be there, sharing everything that’s good about loving cats – it’s a heady feeling that will stay with me long after the actual event.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Ingrid! Great pics!! And glad you got to enjoy some ‘Fun’ time as well!

  2. Awesome photos and I know it was a great time! I am so sorry I had to miss. it this year. I don’t know where it will be next time, but I am planning to be there!!

  3. Did you happen to see the booth on FIP awareness with Peter COHEN of Zen By Cat , with the cat wheel ? Good friend and a great foundation to fund research for the kitten killer FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

  4. My human says she loved getting the chance to visit with you over the weekend! Maybe next year, I will be famous enough to be there – a kitty can hope, right?

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