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Cats and boxes: it’s a love affair for the ages. For most cats, nothing can bring as much joy as a simple box. For some cats, any box will do. For others, size matters, and preferences vary. While some cats prefer big, roomy mansion-sized boxes, others will wedge themselves into tiny little boxes, giving rise to the “if it fits it sits” meme. 

Why do cats love boxes?

There’s even a scientific explanation as to why cats love boxes. They give them a safe place to hide. They also serve as an insulator, keeping them warm. A cat’s  comfort zone is 14-20 degrees higher than our own (which also explains why they’re drawn to sun puddles even on the hottest days.) It seems that boxes add just that little extra warmth for maximum comfort.

And of course, corrugated cardboard boxes can also be used as a base for playing and stalking, allowing your kitty to exercise her natural prey instinct.

If you’re like most cat parents, you’re used to your decor including any number of ugly cardboard boxes at any given time. Our cats’ comfort and fun comes above all else, right? And while I do leave boxes out for Allegra and Ruby to enjoy, I also like to surround myself with beautiful things, so the boxes tend to wind up in rooms where I don’t spend a lot of time in, which, of course, is not ideal, neither from my perspective nor form theirs.


The Purrfect Cat Box™

But now, there’s the Purrfect Cat Box™. Now live on Kickstarter, this box is unlike other plain, ugly cardboard boxes. It features attractive graphics that will look great with any décor, no matter where you place it. With its compact design, the Purrfect Cat Box fits just about anywhere, letting your kitty rest contently where they want to be.

The Purrfect Cat box features a perforated cut-out design, which lets your cats keep an eye out on their surroundings while still maintaining their privacy. The cut-out also makes a great face scratcher!


The designer of the Purrfect Cat Box, Scott Salzman, made the box for his two kitties (you can see Scott and his cats in the video below.) He’s an inventor of award winning products (featured on the Today Show and Good Morning America). Because of the nature of his work, he does lots of shipping. That results in piles of boxes laying around for his cats to play with. But those boxes often were dirty from shipping, had labels on them, were too big/small etc. Basically, they just looked lousy. That’s when he started designing, and the Purrfect Cat Box™ was born.

The boxes are made with non-toxic ink, right here in the USA, and are safe for your cat.

The boxes are available for pre-order on Kickstarter now. You can also find the Purrfect Cat Box on Facebook.

Pre-purchase your Purrfect Cat Box at 70% OFF Now!

A word about Kickstarter: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that allows you to pre-purchase products in advance and at a big discount. In this case, you can get the Purrfect Cat Box at 70% off. It is not a donation-based site, you will receive your boxes if the Purrfect Cat Box reaches their funding goal. Scott’s Kickstarter is nearly at his set goal so let’s support this campaign, put them over the top, and bring these awesome boxes to life!

Give your cat the box it wants and your home the look it deserves. Your feline friend will love it.

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12 Comments on Every Cat Needs a Purrfect Cat Box

  1. I DO like this box. One of my cats is a box lover, but she prefers a small box which “fits” in a way which makes her feel secure. One of my neighbors’ cats likes the Chewy box with the paper in it, especially if I throw in some treats for him to hunt. Rosie is never interested in the large Chewy box. And she likes to sit tight in a smaller box. It will last a long time for her. I ordered one of the boxes, and would have ordered more if that had been an option.

    • Hi Cheri, Thank you for backing our campaign. We actually have options for 1, 2, 4, 10 and 20 boxes. The 10 and 20 packs have the boxes for $3.00 each!

      If you scroll down on the Kickstarter page, you will see the multipack options. Feel free to reach out to me here or through the campaign if you have any questions.

  2. Thank you, Ingrid, for your excellent write-up. I am also greatly appreciative to Lauren (who commented below) and your other readers who have already backed the project. I believe that the Conscious Cat community is going to help us reach our Kickstarter goal today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Yay! I’m so happy that you reached your goal, Scott! And I’m with Lauren – much as I like to make Allegra and Ruby happy, the boxes that arrive with our online orders tend to be gross, especially in the summer, when they’ve been sitting in a UPS truck with the doors open all day, so they accumulate all that nice “road dirt” (is there an official name for that black gunk?) Like Lauren’s cat, Allegra chews plastic so I have to be careful to keep tape and labels away from her. I think my girls would be very happy with a Purrfect Box.

  3. Thanks for the info on this Kickstarter campaign. I just backed the project. Even though I end up with cardboard boxes in my house from various purchases, they’re often dirty (especially if they came through the mail) and have packing tape on them which my cat likes to chew. These boxes seem like a much more attractive alternative. I once watched my 14 lbs. cat try to stuff himself into an empty Kleenex box, so I’m sure he’ll appreciate this new option.

    • Lauren, thank you for backing our campaign. You are one of the backers who put us over the top today! I’m so excited to bring the Purrfect Cat Box to market.

  4. It’s cute, but I don’t understand paying for a cardboard box. I also use my Chewy boxes. I get new ones every month, and my cats love playing with the packing paper, too. As Laurie pointed out, they sometimes get thrown up in, and they get scratched up pretty bad. There is nothing proprietary about this box. We could make the little cut out if we wanted to, or decorate it.

    • Pretty much how I feel about it Marie. The boxes get beat up, collect cat hair, dust, dirt, kitty litter, puked on, etc, and then must be pitched! I also get MANY boxes, more for their orders (Chewy as well) and the cats here don’t prescribe to the “if it fits it sits” – ANY box can fit! When the mood is there, we prefer LARGE boxes, small boxes, whatever we’re in a mind for! With so many cats in my house, it is best to have multiple boxes available, so my large kitchen is cluttered with them, but it makes them happy (one very large box from a portable AC, others various sized from cat food/supplies, some just those small cardboard retainers from canned cat food) – they love them all (to death!) I would go broke buying boxes all the time (again, they will get dirty, puked on etc and have to be replaced) and then have to haul them along with all the delivery boxes to recycling – I don’t need any extra work!

      If you have one or a few cats, and you don’t want the clutter of shipping boxes, go for it. Best of luck to the kickstart program – they will provide a service for those who need and want it.

      I also had a plastic/string lover, so I am well used to removing the loose tape, amazon string tape, plastic bags and/or plastic packing (they do love the paper that sometimes comes with the boxes!) I also have one who will pee outside the box, so NO boxes or litter mats can be used on that side of the house! And if so desired, you can dress up these shipping boxes by decorating them – cats don’t care, so for the most part neither do I, especially when they have a limited life span!

      Best of luck to Scott & co.

  5. I don’t get this either. I get all the free boxes our cats desire from our Chewy orders. They always get ruined eventually so why spend money? Gosh, our older one has thrown up in so many boxes so this would be throwing money out the window. Not very ecological either. I’ll pass on this one.

    • Does your older cat have CKD? I you see white foam when s/he throws up, you can give famotidine to relieve acid stomach.

  6. I don’t like this product. We should use the shipping boxes instead. You can clean them up, put good wallpaper on them if you need to, or just put them under a counter or wherever you store your cat’s toys. We have too much cardboard to recycle already. Besides, half the fun of boxes for cats are scratching on them. 🙂

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