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How adorable are these cat basket beds? I love the look of these beds, and we know that cats tend to be drawn to baskets, so this seems like a win win to me.

The square bed combines the idea of a box with the look of a basket. If I had to bet on which of these two beds most cats would prefer, my money would be on the square bed.


The round bed gives cats a lovely spot to curl up in for that after meal nap. Place it in a sun puddle for extra appeal!

Both beds feature removable polyester fleece pillows. The round bed is measures 17 inches across, the square bed measures 13 by 18 inches. Both beds are 5 inches high.

The beds are available from Amazon.

Click here to buy the square bed

Click here to buy the round bed

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6 Comments on Handmade Paper Rope Cat Basket Beds

  1. those are just darling and so decorative! I was too lazy to check and see what they are made out of, (I was worried about claws scratching and shredding the basket part)

  2. I’ve been using baskets for my fur babies since they joined our family. They prefer them over the cat beds I purchased for them.

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