Today’s Mews and Nips edition is a somewhat abbreviated version. As you’re reading this, I’ll be spending a long weekend at the lovely weekend house of friends. The house is surrounded by trees, with a view of the river. The only sounds you hear there are the wind in the trees and the sounds of birds and other wild critters. There is cell phone reception, but no Wifi. I will be spending most of the weekend relaxing, reading, enjoying the scenery, the river, good food, and good conversation with my friends. And while I will use my phone to check for texts from my cat sitter, letting me know how the girls are doing, or to take photos, I won’t be checking email,  Facebook, or comments left here on the site (my apologies to anyone whose comments won’t be answered until Monday morning.)

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we published the latest installment of our “Ask the Cat Doc” column, on Tuesday, we reviewed silver vine and honeysuckle toys from SpaceKitty Express, on Wednesday, we celebrated the 4th of July, on Thursday, we showed you how much fun Allegra and Ruby are having with the Cat Amazing Puzzle Toy, and on Friday, we reviewed The Way of Cats. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a Tail It Pet GPS tracking device!

Since our theme for the weekend is “unplugged,” here’s an explanation of why cats love computers – enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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