“Love Wins” has become a common phrase over the last few years. The phrase went viral on June 26, 2015, when the Supreme Court of the United States found bans on marriage equality to be unconstitutional, and that the fundamental right to marriage is a fundamental right for all.

To me, it extends even further, standing for equality regardless of our race, religion, gender or sexual preferences. Love is central to almost all religions and spiritual traditions, and if there’s a better rule to live by than “love thy neighbor,” I’m not sure what it would be.

Every time we choose to love instead of judge, love wins.

Choosing love can mean small random acts of kindness, such as paying the toll for the car behind you. It can mean seeking to understand someone whose background or beliefs are different from your own. It can mean being there for a friend who’s going through a tough time.

We live in challenging times, and practicing love in an increasingly polarized world can be challenging, but let’s face it: it always feels better to love than to judge or hate. Love always wins.

It always feels better to love than to judge or hate. Love always wins.

Love Wins T-Shirt

The adorable image above is the creation of Siena and Toast, who have been dear friends of mine for many years. Siena and Toast’s mission is to make a difference in the spiritual and cultural side of being gay and lesbian. They feel that even after all the legal strides made for LGBT equality, even after all the acceptance from their family, friends, and co-workers, and all the years of being out to themselves and others, there is still work to do.

Since Siena and Toast are also huge cat lovers, it was only natural that they would come up with a design that also features cats.


Their “Love Wins” design, featuring Siena’s hand-drawn art, is available in multiple t-shirt styles and colors.

Of course, I had to get the purple shirt!

Click here to get your t-shirt

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I want to be very clear that, in my opinion, equality, tolerance and acceptance have nothing to do with politics. The Conscious Cat is a politics-free zone and all comments referencing politics will be deleted.

5 Comments on Conscious Cat Sunday: Love Wins

  1. Ingrid says: “…if there’s a better rule to live by than “love thy neighbor,” I’m not sure what it would be.”

    How’s about “Love thy cat”? =^..^=

  2. When I saw this photo on your Instagram, I was overwhelmed and just felt “I need a T-shirt like that”. So much evil in the world, and I continously feel LOVE has to conquer it. A long way to go, before your gender, the color of your skin, and the (gender) of the person you love, doesn’t matter to the public. I am all for love, and ordered a Purple (of course) T-shirt for myself, and one for a person very dear to me. Thank you Ingrid, this post really matters! And Love wins.

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