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I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than a cat getting lost. I’m a firm proponent that all cats should be indoors, but I also realize that keeping cats indoors can be a controversial topic. But even with indoor only cats, accidents happen, and a cat may slip out and disappear. GPS tracking devices make it much more likely that you will be able to find your cat if he should go missing – and they have the added bonus that you can keep track of your cat’s activities when you’re not home.

The makers of Tail It feel that given the technology available to use today, it’s totally unnecessary to lose anything, including your pets. To that end, they’ve developed a tiny GPS tracker with 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity that gives accurate position worldwide when you need it.


Tail It Pet is a small, splash proof tracker. It features automatic GSM updates (global range tracking through cellular network) and it comes with a CatSafe collar that automatically opens under pressure. The battery will last three weeks.

Installation is super easy: simply scan the number on your device, choose a name and add a photo (optional,) and start tracking.


In addition to the Tail It Pet tracker, Tail It also offers Tail It, a stripped down tracker the size of a coin that can be used to help you track anything from your keys to your backpack or wallet, Tail It +, a slightly larger tracker the size of a credit card, and Tail It Bike, which can be inserted into your bike’s handlebar. The hardware and firmware is exactly the same in all devices. Only the design and battery sizes are optimized for different usage.


For more information about Tail It, and to save up to 54% on early bird pricing, please visit Tail It’s Kickstarter campaign.

Coming next week:
Enter to win a Tail It Pet GPS tracking device for your cat!

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8 Comments on Tail It Pet: Keep Track of Your Cat at All Times

  1. My cats are all indoor only, but I would love to put one on the ‘Gentleman Brawler’ who lives next door!

    • Hi Pamela! I haven´t tested the Pod tracker personally, but from the reviews it has gotten compared to the Tail it Pet tracker, I would think the Tail it one is better

  2. My cats are always indoors only, but I have friends who have adopted semi-feral cats or who, for other reasons, let their cats out. This is a brilliant idea, long overdue!

  3. My Kismet got out and was missing for 12 hours. I live in a rural area – and was beside myself with anguish looking all over for her. Thankfully she had hunkered down under a bush. Now I am hyper vigilant of where she is. This would be an awesome device to have! =^o.-^=

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