A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Jackson Galaxy Donut Cat Bed, and I mentioned in the review that I thought the fabric must have some magical cat attractant in it because even Allegra, who’s usually slow to adopt anything new, took right to it. Well, I’m starting to think that everything in the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate has some sort of magical ingredient – or maybe the magic is simply that the entire collection was designed with input from the Cat Daddy himself. The Comfy Cat Napper proves my theory.

This little pad features a quilted micro-luxe plush fabric, with a thin layer of foam to make it even softer. It has a non-skid bottom to prevent the pad from sliding on hard floors, but unfortunately, it didn’t work that well on carpet. This is obviously not a problem for the cats, but it could be one for the humans if they step on it and it slides out from under your foot, as happened to me a couple of times until I learned to pay attention.


Jackson recommends tossing these pads all around the house as “scent soakers” to help your cats feel confident and secure. If you’re not familiar with the term, scent soakers are items made of soft material that will retain a cat’s smell.The pads also work as carrier liners and may help to make the carrier a friendlier place by incorporatingthe cat’s own familiar scent.

At 18″ by 13″ inches, these pads are small and lightweight. The entire pad is machine washable.


Allegra and Ruby both liked the Comfy Cat Napper right away, but somehow, Ruby won “napping rights,” at least for now.


The Comfy Cat Napper is available from Petmate in purple, grey and dark pink.

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