Month: May 2018

Product Highlight: Sleepypod Air


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Flying with your cat: it’s a thought that instills fear in many cat parents. However, sometimes, it may be unavoidable. You may be moving across country, or you may be leaving on an extended absence and even leaving your cat with a trusted cat sitter may not work out for you. If you must travel with your cat, it’s important to be prepared. We previously covered how to prepare yourself and your cat for air travel.

Choosing the right carrier is one of the key components of preparation. Today, we’re highlighting what I consider the best carrier for air travel currently available, aptly named the Sleepypod Air.Continue Reading

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Jackson Galaxy Stain & Odor Remover: 2023 Review, Features & More


Stains and messes are a fact of life when you share your living space with cats. Over the years, I’ve tried many different stain and odor removers, but nothing has come close to the Jackson Galaxy Stain & Odor Remover in terms of effectiveness and ease of use. And you know it works because otherwise, Jackson wouldn’t have put his name on it!Continue Reading

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Review: Weather Menders


I’m not a big fan of Sci-Fi, and I rarely read Fantasy, so I wasn’t sure whether I would like Weather Menders, a Cli-Fi novel novel about reversing climate change through time travel, featuring a time-traveling cat. I was in for a big surprise!Continue Reading

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The Connection Between Stress and Your Cat’s Health


Numerous human studies have confirmed that chronic stress is detrimental to our health. The increase in inflammatory activity in the body triggered by stress can weaken the immune system and has been associated with just about every health condition, including cancer. A landmark study conducted at the Ohio State University in 2011 looked at how stress impacts cats, and the findings led to a new understanding among veterinarians and cat parents on the connection between environmental stress and urinary tract disease.Continue Reading

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Polydactyl Cats: Why Do Some Cats Have Extra Toes?


Cats have a total of 18 toes: five on each front paw, and four on each back paw. But some cats boast extra toes, usually on their front paws. These cats are called “polydactyl.” The word polydactyl has a greek root, “poly” meaning multi, and “dactyl” meaning “digit” or “toe.” Polydactyly, as this condition is called, is most commonly found on the front paws only, it is rare for a cat to have polydactyl hind paws only, and polydactyly of all four paws is even less common.Continue Reading

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