Earlier this week, Jackson Galaxy had to say goodbye to his beloved Velouria. Velouria was a part of Jackson’s life for 25 years. She was there when Jackson first started working with cats, and she was a part of Jackson’s cat journey for all those years.

“For almost half my life, we have been a team,” wrote Jackson on his Facebook page. “She has been with me literally from the beginning of my cat journey; it can even be said that she was the beginning.”

In a 2012 interview with Jackson, he told me about how this beautiful tabby girl came into his life. Jackson had just started working at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. He had recently lost his beloved boy Grolsch, who was rescued from a barn in Iowa in the middle of a blizzard, to FIP. One day, someone left a box with two kittens outside the shelter’s door. One of the kittens looked just like Grolsch.

“No way,” Jackson told me during that interview. “I didn’t want to adopt a kitten. That’s just not a cool thing to do when you work at a shelter, and there are all these older cats looking for homes.” But Velouria reminded him so much of Grolsch that he realized that resistance was futile. When he adopted her, he thought she was a kitten, but she was actually somewhere between one and three years old. She was a tiny cat all her life, weighing in at barely six pounds.

“The first time I touched this cat, the softness of her coat had me singing her name, Velouria, from one of my favorite bands, The Pixies,” wrote Jackson on his tribute to Velouria on Facebook.

Photo by Susan Weingartner

During that same 2012 interview, I asked Jackson to tell me one favorite thing about each of his fur kids. This is what he said about Velouria:  “Her resilience. She’s shown me how to teach others that a cat can change and go from victim to being an amazing, confident cat.”

Velouria will live on in Jackson’s work, and, in light of the above quote, it seems more fitting than ever that she was chosen to be on the cover of Jackson’s newest book, Total Cat Mojo.


My heart goes out to Jackson. It’s always hard to lose a cat, but losing a “soul cat” like Velouria is devastating. When a cat shared your life for as long as Velouria was a part of Jackson’s, it takes time to find one’s bearings again. And while 25 years may seem like a long life for a cat, we all know that no amount of time is ever long enough for that kind of love.

Rest easy, sweet Velouria.

Photo at top of post by Kate Benjamin

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    • Dearest Jackson, you are my hero, and the HERO of ALL cats. When I learned of you loss of Velouria years ago, I became devoted to your programs, books and life. I hope ALL cat lovers find their way to you, because you have such love and Amazon insight into the lives of our furry loves. I’ve had ALL sorts of animals in life, caimens, birds, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, goats, chickens… e list goes on and ON, but cats always come up on top. I found early on, that a life WITHOUT them, is no life at ALL.
      BAST bless you, Jackson…. She KNOWS you care for her own.

    • So sad… I feel like I’m dying inside… I miss my baby soooo, sooo much, it’s a pain I can’t escape.. He was so special. 18 years of the best love. He was so sweet, so affectionate, so loving… I’m have such a hard time…

    • So sad… I feel like I’m dying inside… I miss my baby soooo, sooo much, it’s a pain I can’t escape.. He was so special. 18 years of the best love. He was so sweet, so affectionate, so loving… I’m have such a hard time… He’s now gone into The Great Wide Open. I can’t WAIT to meet him there.

  1. My belated condolences to Jackson, Velouria sounds a lot like my Kiki who passed this morning. She’d been with me 20 years. Im a 70 yr old guy that lives by himself, I think you can guess the bond her and I had. She was only 6lbs too. But it’s the nites that will hurt as she always curled up in my arms. I’m really numb rt now, and just really feeling the grief . I’m a lost sole rt now

    • Douglas, I just read your post. This is a sad anniversary for you, and I’m so sorry for you. I hope you are able to move on… I just lost my baby, Frodo, on July 9,2020, and I’m having such a hard time. I’m 65, and he was my reason for living. I’m now trapped here, in an unhappy existence, without him.
      I’m very sorry for your loss a year gone now. I hope you’re ok.

    • Hi Douglas.
      I hope you’re feeling a bit better.
      I’m so sorry for your loss.. I understand completely. I really hope you’re ok.

  2. I lost my cat last wk to squamous cell carcinoma she was 12 yrs old. she suffered tremendously for the past 2 days before euthanasia I blame myself that I let her go that long rip tinkerbell & velouria. oh by the way, I too, have cancer.

  3. Jackson Galaxy has done and continues to do SO much for cats and kittens in need, and Velouria was one of those kittens. The bond they shared was unique and precious, as is the bond each of us share with our beloveds. <3 ((((((((^^)))))))) <3 Fly free, whole, healthy, and forever Cherished, precious angel Velouria — watch over your beloveds here below until reunited in due time. Our heartfelt condolences to Jackson and his family for their loss.

  4. As I read this beautiful tribute to Velouria, my eyes welled up with tears. I feel your heartache, Jackson, for I, too, have experienced this type of heart-wrenching loss. Velouria was beautiful and so lucky to have had such a loving parent as you. I imagine her chasing butterflies right now in a grassy field. Did you know that butterflies are messengers between angels in Heaven and all of us on earth? I have a feeling Velouria will try to capture one gently in her paws so she can whisper a message that will be carried back to you to let you know that, even though she misses you, she is happy and thrilled she was able to share her life with you. She will be waiting to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I pray that all the wonderful memories of your times spent with her will bring comfort to you. Remember – Velouria is just one memory away. There is a special place in Heaven for you, Jackson. Thank you for all you do for our furry children. <3

  5. Jackson, i;m sooo sorry for your loss velouria will be with you for ever , and she will carry you through . i have been there and they do live big foot prints in our hearts, saw your show on was pretty amazing your have been send to this world by God to help Cats in need of love, kindness and compassion.. your little girl will be with you always ..God bless you

  6. soooo sorry Jackson, for the loss of your precious Velouria, I know your pain. but her love and the great time you spend together will carry you through . you have been send by God , to help the Cats that are in need of care, love,and compassion. i love cats have adopted 5 from the while and they are doing well and happy .saw you show on tv it is pretty amazing you born for it .. the memory of Velouria will be with you for ever. God bless you.

    • I identify so COMPLETELY with Jackson,Douglas and all of you.
      I just lost my fur-soul-mate, Frodo, 7/9/20. He was just over 18 years, and got so sick, so quickly. I had to have him euthanized,he lost about 6 lbs. In 6 weeks. When he stopped eating,I tookhim to our vet,who said,”kidneys”, and that at 18+ years, any hard treatment, would be unkind,and unlikely to have any effect. Frodo wouldnt eat the “kidney diet”do they ever? I feel like I failed him, I feel so guilty.
      I miss him so TERRIBLY, my heart is so broken. When I read of kitties who live until their early 20’s, I cannot help but wonder what I did so wrong, to lose him so early. He was half Abyssinian, half no one knows what. His pure bred Aby mum escaped one day, and went to have unprotected carnal delight with “who-knows-who”. She had 6 of the most beautiful kittens anyone had EVER seen. She was so tiny! She only weight about 6 pounds, and looked like a little cantaloupe on 4 paws before birthing! Tillie… sweet, lovely, affectionate (all traits of Abys). Frodo was the best of them.
      I miss him sooo HARD. I’m having a really bad time. I miss my baby, can’t stop crying. I miss my sweet, affectionate, loving, gentle baby. Does it ever get better?
      I also lost my best HUMAN friend in April, to unknown causes(not covid-19). I feel lost, alone, unknowing how to go on. I feel like dying myself.

  7. This is something that always comforted me when a loved one passes……

    From John O”Donohue’s book “Eternal Echoes” about loved ones departing.
    From his chapter on Absence:

    Everyone who leaves your life opens a subtle trail of loss that still connects you with them. When you think of them, miss them, and want to be with them, your heart journeys out along that trail to where they now are.

    There are whole regions of absence in every life. Losing a friend is the most frequent experience of absence. When you open yourself to friendship, you create a unique and warm space between you. The tone and shape of this space is something you share with no one else. Your friend struck a note in the chamber of your heart that no one else could reach.

    The departure of the friend leaves this space sore with loss, some innocence within you is unwilling or unable to accept that one you gathered so close is now gone. It is the longing for the departed friend that makes the absence acute. Absence haunts you and makes your belonging sore.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved beautiful cat girl. She was meant to find you.
    No loss is more painful than that of a pet.
    Grieve your own way. You are loved my many humans, probably by more cats.
    Velouria is around you. She will make her presence known to you soon. May you find comfort in memories.

  9. My condolences to Jackson Galaxy on his loss of Velouria. She was a long-time companion and changed his life. The grief will be intense and I feel for Jackson. Yes, it is fitting that she was chosen to be on the cover of Jackson’s newest book. Thanks for sharing the news and writing this tribute.

  10. So sorry for your loss,I adopted a then 13yr old Russian blue who had lost his owner and was put out on the streets with no claws to defend himself,I was asked to foster him and fell in love with him. he is now 17 with feline thyroidism and I treasure each day with him as I know the end will come and each day is a blessing for us both as I am 84..I also have a small colony of feral cats under my care,all fixed and happy..I love your show and to ALL new cat owners I always tell them to watch and learn from you. Bless you and the work you do for all the four footed friends..

  11. My heart goes out to Jackson. Velouria was a beautiful girl and was such a huge part of his life for a long time. You write a beautiful tribute for her too.

  12. My heart is so sad for the loss of your precious, Jackson. When I read your book, TOTAL CAT MOJO, I learned so much and was especially taken with the love you showed her on cover of the book. No matter how strong we are and how much we know it’s the right thing to do, saying goodbye is by far one of the hardest things we ever have to face. May her beautiful heart and memories sustain you. God bless you.

  13. So sorry for your loss Jackson, What sweet memories you will have of Velouria, you will never forget her,she will always be in your heart,when I lost 3 of my cats at the age of 20,19 and 18,I just kept thinking, Oh what a beautiful life they lived,never hungry,always so comfortable,they were so lucky and I was so lucky to have them in my life.I know Velouria was lucky to have you.Bless your heart for being so caring.

  14. Im so very sorry to hear of Jackson Galaxy “s loss.My heart goes out to him n his precious cat.I have a 9yr & 7 month old cat.His name is snowball.Ive lost cats before n I know the hurt.As time goes on the pain easys .Never goes away but it easys as time goes on.

    • To All Our Dear Departed:
      We MISS you, we CRY for you. We long for your presence; YOU are our lives, our VERY hearts.
      Jackson…. Velouria is in GREAT company, honey… REALLY GRAND company.
      So are ALL our beloved fur babies.
      We ALL miss you TERRIBLY. May you rest, peaceably, forever, with the Goddess Bast-Ra. SHE will adore you now.

  15. I too remember being introduced to Velouria back in 2012 when I interviewed Jackson prior to season 2 of My Cat From Hell and for his debut book, Cat Daddy. I’m so very sorry to hear the news of her passing. What an incredible cat and what a beautiful relationship they shared. May she be at peace…bless her precious little soul.

  16. …….sigh!!! ……. I know there are many more out there besides myself, that feel Your pain and that hollow emptiness that just sucks the life out of You, when one of our beloved fur baby’s cross over The Rainbow Bridge. Especially after having spent so many years together……..There are no words, to even being to express how much empathy I feel for You Jackson.
    I am crying as I am writing this, having gone through losses like that myself and also knowing that my senior fur baby’s are not going to be here that much longer……..
    If only we could stop time, for just a little bit, for one more head butt, one more look in those beautiful eyes and to hear and feel the purring of our best friend and trusty companion……… But we can’t!
    The loss is so devastating that we just feel like there’s no way we can go on, but in time and after many gallons of tears, it will get a little bit better. (((HUGS)))
    There’s a quote that goes something like this; Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!!! That is the only thing I can think of to say, that may comfort You a bit. She came into Your life and spent a long, long time with You and You must know that NO ONE but YOU was her human soulmate.
    She will forever be with You in spirit and in Your heart and she thanks You for being You and for taking her home with You that one day 25 years ago. It was ment to be just so, until You meet again on the “Other side”
    where Your Velouria will be greeting You as if she never left.
    Rest in Peace Sweet Velouria and Thank You for helping make Jackson into such an Awesome Human!
    Love and Blessings

  17. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story that is a great tribute to your sweet kitty (I pray she is now with the Lord in Heaven & I pray for you at this sad time). I am sorry for your loss of Velouria (& is a Great Name!) but she had a great life with you & knew she was loved- & you are continuing to love kitties & letting other people know how special they are & how to properly care for them.- Thank You!- Elaine (a shelter volunteer with cats- also rescuer, feral cat rescuer/ provider- owner of “Flowers Saving Homeless Pets ” where I make donations for adoption fees & care).

  18. Sorry for your loss, Jackson. Our cat-friends leave gaping holes in our lives with their passing. Thanks you for taking such good care of her for all those years.

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