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When it comes to cat toys, it’s often the simplest toys that end up being favorites. Our wonderful cat sitter Renée gave Allegra and Ruby two Barn Yarn cat toys for Christmas, and they’ve been a huge hit with both girls. I’ve seen them play with their cow or lamb every single day since they got them.

Ruby loves her Barn Yarn cow

These little toys are handmade in Peru, and they’re just about as cute as can be. I recently bought the tiger and pig to give to a friend.


The video below shows the girls with their cow and lamb the day they got them, and they still play with them like this every day! The toys are surprisingly sturdy and have survived two months of batting, tossing and kicking without unraveling.

I’ve never seen Allegra and Ruby this excited about a toy for this long.


Barn Yarn catnip toys are available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members, and at many brick and mortar pet retailers.


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  1. I have been using these yarn toys for years. I would buy finger puppets at the local craft shows, fill them with catnip, that I grow in the garden and sew the ends shut. They are so cute I almost hate to give them to the cats

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