Kate Benjamin, the owner of Hauspanther and co-author, with Jackson Galaxy, of two New York Times bestselling books, Catification and Catify to Satisfy, has been a dear friend for a long time. Kate was and still is my mentor. She helped guide and inspire me when I first started The Conscious Cat nine years ago, and has continued to be one of my biggest supporters.

Kate has been facing serious health challenges in the form of breast cancer for the last few years when she was diagnosed in 2013 at age 42. A lumpectomy followed by radiation seemed to push the cancer into remission, but in May of 2017, it was back. Kate had a double mastectomy in November, and is now facing four months of intense chemotherapy.

Kate started a website, Feline So Fine, where she chronicles her cancer journey and offers a wealth of resources for others who are faced with this awful disease, as well as general tips for living a healthy, vibrant life. Kate is one of the most amazing and positive women I know, and the attitude with which she’s facing this recurrence of her cancer is nothing less than inspirational.


Even though Kate has decent health insurance, it won’t cover all her expenses, and as a self-employed entrepreneur, she will also loose income during the times when she’ll be too sick to work. And that’s where today’s post comes in.

Kate’s online store offers just about everything any cat could want, from exclusive Hauspanther handmade cat toys, beds and scratchers, to Kate’s top picks from other manufacturers of high-quality cat products. So why not spoil your kitties and help Kate at the same time?

Click here to Shop Hauspanther


Kate has also started a GoFundMe campaign. If you’d like to donate directly, please visit Kate’s Cancer Crushing Collection.

And please share Hauspanther with all your cat loving friends!

6 Comments on Shop Hauspanther and Help Owner Kate Benjamin Crush Cancer

  1. I love Kate and her spirit through all of this has been nothing less than amazing. The world needs Kate and I hope this post will help keep her astounding medical bills at bay.

  2. Ingrid this is a pawesome idea. We just adore Kate and we also are in awe of her bravery and exceptionally positive outlook. It hurts us that this has happened to her. We shared, we are definitely going to keep this in mind and keep Kate close to our hearts. She has been so kind to us and so many of us. You rock Ingrid!

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