I have one 2018 Conscious Cat Wall Calendar left in my personal inventory, and I’m going to give it away to one lucky reader. To my knowledge, this is still the only calendar on the market that exclusively features tortoiseshell cats and their famous tortitude (affilate link*)! As is the case every year, Allegra and Ruby helped me pick out the photos (and as always, there was quite a bit of spirited debate!)


Enter to win a 2018 Conscious Cat Wall Calendar

For up to five ways to enter, see the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only, and ends Thursday, January 11. Winners will be chosen by random drawing**.

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If you would still like to purchase a calendar, please contact me for pricing.

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41 Comments on Giveaway: Conscious Cat 2018 Wall Calendar

  1. I’d love to win because I love cats first of all! Second I need to organize my everyday life, my appointments, and when I work!

  2. A mama cat moved her kittens from our property & accidently left one behind hidden under blanket. I bottle fed her from approx. 3 wks. old. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell I named Lailei. She crawled into our hearts & home. My husband is her most favorite human.

  3. Looking at a cat calendar is a great way to start the day. Love torties, and I know they have an attitude, but they are such pretty cats.

  4. I !
    are my life!
    make our a happier place!
    I enjoy anything & everything related!
    To win this would be my equivalent of winning the lottery. ….
    Fingers Crossed!!

  5. I would to have your calendar on my wall so I can k
    Let my 6 month old Tortie see how beautiful she will be when she gets bigger

  6. I really need a 2018 calendar for my various doctor appointments, and I can’t think of a nicer one than this! I love all of the great advice you give, and would love to see Allegra, Ruby and pals every day of the year! Thank you for the chance. Good luck, everyone!

    • We have a tortie point Siamese, Miss Ali, who was featured in the Siamese Rescue Calendar a few years ago (
      and have Miss Cami, a DSH tortie – actually a torbie, according to our vet. She was a stray who came to our house, and after 8 months, we trapped her and brought her inside – still working with her to trust people. We’d use the calendar to keep track of Cami’s progress!

  7. I love cat calendars but the fact I had a tortie growing up would bring back great memories of her; looking at the photos in this calendar.

  8. i love cats and i am takeing care of a stray cat i call wiskers he loves to play and is very friendly i am try try to find him a forever home i whould like tokeep him but he dose not get along with my cat andhe is 9 years olg that is way i whould like too have your cakendar

  9. My female rescue cat, Mack, looks like every picture in the calendar . I Love it! Mack was named because she came on lijje a Mack truck when she was a baby. She was the runt of the litter and is so beautiful and smart!

  10. I would love to hang your calendar at the animal shelter where I volunteer. Not only would it brighten a cat room all year long, but the sight of a happy home would inspire the cats be on their best behavior and get adopted!

  11. My oldest cat is a tortie. I love her dearly and so have become a fan of torties. We’ve enjoyed looking together at your book on torties, and it would be a delight to also have a calendar dedicated to torties.

  12. I love Tortoiseshell kitties so much !!
    I just lost my beloved tortie, Bambi, a scant month ago and am so sad over it. Heartbroken actually. She was the best baby ever !!

  13. Sophie is my Tortie and I adore her so much. Her beautiful markings are just lovely. When the sun is on her, the gold in her fur is just exquisite. She has a taupe marking on her neck just like your Torties. I have two other kitties, but Sophie is my baby. Being a Tortie, she is rather standoffish at times, but when she wants to cuddle, it’s oh so special. I always smile when I see a picture of a Tortie and would be thrilled to win your 2018 calendar. Thanks for sharing with your followers.

  14. “Let me know why you’d like to win the 2018 Conscious Cat Wall Calendar.” Because your cats are the best kind of cats and my favorite kind of cats, although I also like orange cats, and grey cats, and, in fact, all kinds of cats!

  15. I’d love to win this calendar because my lovely Schrödinger deserves to see that there are indeed more like her in the real world!

  16. Ingrid (and the girls). Your daily posts are invaluable. This is not just a blog, it’s a daily lifestyle page for people who love their cats.

  17. I love torti,s and love to follow allegra and Ruby..and your very informative web site every day..My muted torti of 8 yrs has given me such pleasure and I enjoy her Tortitude..

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to disparage tortitude! I think tortitude is wonderful! I just meant that in this house, I am in thrall to tuxitude, and showing too much fondness for tortitude over tuxitude might be dangerous to my health and well-being! Lol

  18. Ingrid, I would love to hear some of that “spirited debate” in a future post! Not going to enter because this household is ruled by tuxedos and an all black long haired beauty who might be unimpressed by tortoise (lol… tuxitude?). But I dearly love reading your girls’ commentary on most any subject so there’s fodder for another post! 🙂

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