Month: December 2017

Primal Pet Food Recalls Select Freeze-Dried Formulas Produced Out of Specification


Note: This article covers a recall that occurred in 2017. For up-to-date information on current pet food recalls, please visit the FDA’s recall website.

The following notice went out to all Primal Pet Food customers:

“Through a recent product quality review process, we have determined that 5 specific Primal Canine and Feline Freeze-Dried Poultry Formulas were produced outside of our grind size specification of 1/8″ which we have determined is the ideal size of ground bone to be fed to dogs and cats. The products in question were ground at 1/4″ or 1/8” deviation from our specification.Continue Reading

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Mews and Nips: Why Your Cat Gets the Zoomies at Night


Does your cat get the “zoomies?” You know, that thing when she runs around the house like crazy jumping on furniture, running up and down the stairs, and all over the house? At our house, Ruby is the Queen of the Zoomies. Several times a day, she races through the house, up and down the cat tree, and up and along the back of the sofa. Her zoomies loop seems to be almost exactly the same every day. Our resident cat behaviorist Mikel Delgado explained this behavior to Inverse Science.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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How to Reduce Stress for Your Cat Before & During Vet Visits: Expert Tips


Fear and anxiety are common for cats when they have to visit the veterinarian, and for far too long, this has been accepted as “that’s just the way cats are” by both cat guardians and veterinarians. Thankfully, this is changing. Two initiatives, The American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat Friendly Practice Initiative and Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear-Free™ initiative both take a multi-pronged approach to reducing the stress of veterinary visits for cats.Continue Reading

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Review: Egg Tart Cat Bed


While Allegra doesn’t much care for cat beds, Ruby is always happy to check out a new one, so she was delighted when we were asked to review the cleverly designed Egg Tart Cat Bed.Continue Reading

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Favorite Christmas Cat Books


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I love reading Christmas themed books, and I usually start right after Thanksgiving. I confess that this year, I started even earlier – I guess I’ve succumbed to the earlier and earlier start of the holiday season, mostly because I do adore those Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, and they started the end of October this year! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Christmas cat books for you – these are books I reread every year.Continue Reading

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How to Tell Whether Your Cat is In Pain


Cats are masters at masking pain. Their ability to hide pain goes back to their wild origins. In the wild, a sick animal becomes prey. While acute pain may be fairly obvious to cat guardians, it may be more difficult to discern whether your cat is in pain when it comes to chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis. Sadly, even veterinarians often overlook signs of feline pain. Therefore, it’s up to the cat’s guardian to understand the signs of pain in cats.Continue Reading

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Real Men Love Cats by Nic Tatatano (2023 Book Review)


The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” most definitely does not apply to Real Men Love Cats. I loved this book just as much as I love the title and the cover. The fourth and final book in Nic Tatano’s series about four friends and their four cats delivers romance, lovable human and feline characters and plenty of plot twists to keep you turning the pages.Continue Reading

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