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We’re starting to get some fall weather here, and as the days are getting cooler, I’m noticing Allegra and Ruby gravitating more to their various cat beds. Do your cats change sleeping spots with the seasons?

If you’re looking for a new bed or two for your feline family members for the colder months (or all year long for those kitties who are cavers,) look no further than our Conscious Cat Product Guide. Our guide features all of the best products for cats and cat lovers, curated by Allegra, Ruby and me. From cat furniture, scratching posts, beds and toys to food dishes, fountains and litter boxes, you’ll find everything you need to keep your feline family members happy. We’re constantly updating the guide, so bookmark it and come back to visit often.

Our cat bed category includes a lot of wonderful options, including Allegra and Ruby’s current favorites:

The Comfy Clamshell from the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate

Allegra tests out the Comfy Clamshell

Read our review

The Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave with Knitted Entrance


When Ruby is tucked up all comfy in this one, I can’t even see her! There have been a few times when I’ve looked all over the house for her until I realized she was snoozing in her cave. Read our review here.

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