It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around the devastation in Texas following hurricane Harvey. To think about what the people and the animals in the flooded and destroyed areas are going through just breaks my heart. The one bright spot in all of this, to me, has been to see the many images of pets being rescued – a marked difference from what we watched twelve years ago after hurricane Katrina.

Animal rescue groups from all over the country have mobilized to help the animals affected by the storm, getting animals out of already crowded Texas shelters to other parts of the country where they will be adopted into loving homes to make room for pets displaced by the storm in hopes of reuniting them with their guardians. And all of these groups need your help.

The following organizations are just a few of many that are involved in rescue efforts. Please check their websites for information on what they need, and how to donate.

Friends for Life, a no-kill shelter in Houston, has been on ground at the George R. Brown Convention Center from the very beginning. They are helping thousands of animals and people–dispensing desperately needed food and supplies, providing free veterinary care, and finding emergency housing for animals whose humans might otherwise have to abandon their pets in order to find shelter for themselves. Visit their Facebook page for frequent updates on their efforts, and click here to donate.

Austin Pets Alive! has been helping shelters directly in the path of the hurricane.

SPCA of Texas They took in 123 cats from a Corpus Christi shelter on Friday in advance of the storm, and they’re putting every available resource behind to help pets and people who evacuated the Gulf Coast to the North Texas area.

The Jackson Galaxy Foundation is partnering with GreaterGood to transport animals out of the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Click here for more information and to donate.

Alley Cat Allies has deployed an expert, bilingual disaster response team and is sending additional resources to help Texas and Louisiana organizations rescue cats and other animals. In many cases, community cats were left on their own when their human caregivers evacuated as floodwaters rose. The Alley Cat Allies team will help shelters and caregivers throughout Texas and Louisiana to rebuild programs that were in place to help community cats. They will also be forming a network of people to check on colonies, resume feeding them and place new cat houses and shelters as necessary. Click here to donate.

Wings of Rescue is flying rescued pets out of the flooded areas to shelters in other parts of the country.

Most organizations will probably need money rather than goods. With floods blocking off many roads, and many warehouses in flooded, the logistics of storing donations may overwhelm organizations whose volunteers are already stretched to the limit. Also, keep in mind that there is going to be a long term need for donations for months and possibly even years, so take that into consideration when planning your donations.

Image: screenshot from ABC News video of cats being rescued from a Houston home, click here to watch the full video.

11 Comments on How You Can Help Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

  1. Donated to the Texas SPCA yesterday; couldn’t sleep another wink without doing SOMETHING. Glad to see that they are a legitimate organization, as I didn’t do my usual research first. Very saddened by the devastation.

  2. Thank you so much for this information about donations for Harvey animal victims. I live in Houston and thankfully am safe and dry with my two kitties but know that there are plenty out there that aren’t. Thank you so much for all the information you share on your site but most of all thank you for helping us in Houston!

    • I’m so glad you’re safe, Margaret. If you know of any other rescue groups that are working in Houston to safe pets, please share the resources in a comment.

  3. It makes me sick to think of the animals down there that are needing help. I know the shelter in my town was prepared to take some of the animals. My heart breaks for everyone (human and animal) down there. One of my sisters and her family are still down there. So far their apartment isn’t flooded, but the water is close and all the roads around them are underwater. They are stuck.

  4. Hi, Ingrid,

    Thank you for naming organizations that rescue and help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

    Which of the organizations you name would you recommend the most? My husband and I would like to donate, but my husband is afraid of crooked organizations as they always pop up with every disaster.

    Btw, we might be able to house someone (that is, a person or a family) with a bunch of animals for free in one of our presently vacant (furnished) rental properties. This would be for limited time; let’s say, for 6 or 12 months. We live in Vernal, Utah. Do you know which organization might be able to arrange something like this?

    • All the organizations I listed in this post are legitimate, Lilo. I would contact Austin Pets Alive! and/or Texas SPCA to let them know you’re able take in someone with their animals. I would imagine if they can’t facilitate it, they can connect you with a group that can. Bless you for offering to do this!

      • Thank you, Ingrid. I will do.

        I just found your reply now. I had not received an e-mail notification of it. These e-mail notifications do not always work. Besides, we have severe internet-connection problems, which (due to the last info of our internet provider) can’t get fixed because their cables are so very long (run all the way up our canyon with fiber optic and back with wire) before they reach us. Some neighbors have already given up, but I keep fighting.

        Upon your first info, we donated to Texas SPCA and wanted to donate the same amount to the Texas Humane Society. However, their Harvey donation website is so confusing that my husband thought it had been hacked and we had donated 4-5 times the intended amount (by clicking PROCESS DONATION repeatedly) not to the Humane Society but to a criminal hacker. So my husband cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. Meanwhile, we think that the Harvey fundraising website had not been hacked but designed by a not-so-capable volunteer. Nevertheless, we have decided to donate the intended amount to APA now. They seem to be very active rescuing animals. (Maybe, we’ll also donate to Texas Humane Society again.) Making any donations is very time-taking for us because of our ongoing internet-connection problems.

      • P.S. Darned! And now I failed to check that I wanted an e-mail notification of follow-up comments. (I did NOT fail to do so last time.) Hope that this P.S. will correct this. I’ll check the little window now.

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