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I’ve been admiring felted wool cat caves for a long time, and I was thrilled when the makers of the Meowfia cat caves offered to send a couple of their gorgeous beds to us. I couldn’t wait to see whether Allegra and Ruby would like them.

Each cave is handmade from 100% Merino wool, a soft, lightweight natural fiber. Merino wool is breathable, keeping your cat warm in the winter or cool in warmer weather. The beds are safe and eco-friendly. There are no plastic or other man-made materials used. Merino wool naturally repels odor, dirt and stains. The caves can be hand washed in cold water with a mild detergent designed for wool, and should be air dried. Machine washing is not recommended.

The cat caves are made by Meowfia’s manufacturing partner in Nepal, which helps sustain the families of the workers. The whole structure is molded from a single piece of felted yarn fabric using only soap, water and pressure, so there are no seams. Each bed is unique.


It took about 30 seconds from the time I put the beds on the living room floor for both Allegra and Ruby to crawl into one of the beds. Allegra doesn’t like enclosed spaces, but she occasionally checks the caves out. Ruby, on the other hand, has slept in it every day since we got the beds.

The Meowfia Felted Wool Cat Cave is available from Amazon in light grey and asphalt/aquamarine.


The Meowfia Felted Wool Cat Cave with the knitted entrance is available from Amazon in dark brown, dark grey and light grey.


The handsome kitty in these photos is Yura, who has his own Instagram account! He told me he’d love it if you would visit him over there.

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7 Comments on Review: Meowfia Felted Wool Cat Cave

  1. I want to get one for my cat Doc. (Hi Doc!!! Yes, he can read.) As he has gotten older i find him cuddled up under blankets or laying on top of the heating vents to stay warm. I would imagine this would help a lot in our drafty house.

  2. Hi Miss Ingrid. I’ve seen those kitty beds in pictures & Mom thinks she saw one at BlogPaws. They look so welcoming and I think your kitties look so cozy in them. I think I would love one. I’ll have to put one on my wish list. Purrs.

  3. These are gorgeous and so very cozy looking. I’d crawl in one and nap if I could. My senior CH kitty Lillia loves caves and such as they make her feel safe and calm. Following on Instagram to get a chance to see all the caves and kitties.

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