Even though we do our best here to educate and inform you about cats and their health, behavior and lifestyle every day, I believe that no matter how much we know about cats, there will ultimately always be an air of mystery about them. And isn’t that what makes them the fascinating creatures they are?

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4 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Puzzle

  1. Hi Ingrid,

    I love being a cat mom, and it is so true about being a puzzle especially for Torties I have seen but I love my baby to the moon and back. Cats are certainly special and the love they share is like no other

  2. Hi, Ingrid!

    Isn’t that the truth? One thing for certain is the depth of their love for us… and their treats! 🙂 Ruford, Bella, and Lucky are the best friends ever!

  3. Hi Ingrid!

    I loved all the pictures and the things our cat children teach us without a word!
    They are our blessings!

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