Hi everyone! It’s Allegra! It’s been too long since I got to write anything here! The other day, when Mom was brushing me, she said “Allegra, you’re so cute when you’re being brushed,” I thought maybe I should tell you about our “brushies routine.” I don’t know about being cute, but I do love being brushed. Mom brushes me every day at lunch time. When she gets out of her office chair and walks toward the kitchen, I know it’s time!

I get so excited when she grabs the brush off the kitchen counter, I always let her know how much I’m looking forward to being brushed. I don’t usually talk much, but I want to make sure she knows that being brushed is one of my favorite things.

Mom uses an old slicker brush that she says has been used on every cat she ever had, starting with her first cat, Feebee. The bristles are a bit bent, but that doesn’t bother me at all. It feels soooooo good to be brushed! Mom bought a new slicker brush for me a while back, but I didn’t like it at all, so she went back to our old trusty one.

The other day I suggested that Mom grab her phone and take some video of me being brushed. You’ll have to excuse the not so great quality. Mom said it was a little challenging to hold the phone with one hand and brush me with the other, but I think you get the idea of just how much I love being brushed.

Ruby doesn’t like being brushed as much as I do, but some days, she just can’t stand to be left out, so she’ll wander over and stare at me and Mom. Mom always makes sure I had enough brushing before she moves on to Ruby.

What about your kitties? Do they like being brushed?

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  1. My Kajsa just looooooved being brushed, with a slicker brush just as bent as yours. It worked like magic, and even though our three cats before her where short haired, they shed a lot more than Kajsa did, we had very little fur on the floor and on furniture with her. However, I might mention something to be cautious about – many cats, as well as Kajsa, love being brushed close to the eyes and corner of the mouth. Last Winter, Kajsa suffered from a tear in the cornea and had to have treatment with oinments and wearing a “cone” for ten days, and I cannot say I know for certain but I think I might have caused that tear while brushing her….which of course makes me really sad thinking about it, hurting my cat by accident.

  2. She loves that it is so cute, my Angie hate the brush. I want everyone to know. I am getting Tortie kitty I know she will not replace my Chloe but I think she is going to be fun I’m so excited

  3. My Pele loves being brushed too. It’s about the only time she really likes to be touched. She always comes running when I open the cabinet where the brush stays.

  4. Hi Allegra! It’s Piper. You are such a cutie. I make sure Mom brushes me at least once a day. If she doesn’t I start tapping the brush so she knows it’s time. I don’t really like my tummy brushed all that much (it tickles) but the rest of me is fine. I like being brushed with all different types of brushes. I like the attention and I think Mom likes doing it. She certainly seems relaxed when she’s doing it.

  5. I’ll stand with the brush in my hand and call out “who wants to be brushed?” And both cats come on the run.

  6. I loves being brushed too! Dante? not so much; he can take it or leave it, but every morning after breakfast, I run up to the Brushing Table and wait for Dad to come with the brushes…. and he always does! Maybe we should start a Brushing Club….? –Puck

  7. You look so cute Allegra! My kitties Pumpkin, Sugar, Chubby and Mikey love to be brushed and combed, but my Amanda does not and she can really use it! I can get a “swipe” at her a few times a day but she runs. When we go to the vet, I comb her until the vet comes in and she sits perfectly still!! Go figure:)

  8. Allegra, you’re adorable! Bibi didn’t trust the brush at first but now we are developing our own daily brushing routine. I’m learning to understand how she wants to be brushed, she is a shelter cat who lived on the streets for a while, so she didn’t understand what was going on at first. But now she’s starting to love it!

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