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Feline Tooth Resorption: Dental Disease Signs in Cats, Personal Experience & More

Veterinarian examining teeth of Persian Cat

Tooth resorption affects well over 50% of adult cats and close to 75% of cats five years or older. It is the most common reason for extractions. The condition is extremely painful, and it cannot always be diagnosed by a visual exam. Tooth resorption is also referred to as cervical line lesions, resorptive lesions, or feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORLs).Continue Reading

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Exclusive Interview: Rita Mae Brown Talks About Cats, Writing & How to Live a Simpler Life


I have been a fan of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown (co-written with her cat Sneaky Pie,) featuring tabby cat Mrs. Murphy and her friends Tee Tucker the Corgi and Pewter, a rotund grey kitty who is sensitive about her weight, since the first book in the series came out in 1991. Ms. Brown just released the the twenty-sixth installment in the series, A Hiss Before Dying. Today, I am absolutely thrilled to bring you this exclusive interview with Rita Mae Brown.Continue Reading

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Strays by Britt Collins (2023 Book Review)

Review: Rescue Me! A Cause for Paws


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It’s not often (okay, hardly ever) that I get a pitch to review cat-themed music, so I was intrigued when the publicist for Rescue Me! A Cause for Paws contacted me. This project, featuring some of acoustic music’s most gifted and respected artists, is a wonderful collection of folk songs that are thought-provoking, uplifting, engaging and sometimes downright funny.

The purpose of this project is to support animal rescue and awareness efforts. “We invite others to join us in raising awareness of and providing financial support to animal rescue organizations,” says Blue Night Records President, Steven Briggs, who co-produced the album with singer songwriter Amy White.Continue Reading

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Cat Hair Everywhere: How to Deal with Shedding


Most of us are used to living with cat hair. Shedding is a normal process for healthy cats, in which old fur is replaced with new. All cats shed, regardless of the length of their coats. You may think that longhaired cats shed more, but that’s only because the fur they shed is so much more visible. You can’t stop your cat from shedding, nor should you – after all, it’s a natural process. However, there are ways to reduce shedding and deal with cat hair in your home.Continue Reading

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Ask the Vet With Dr. Kris: Dr. Kris Answers June’s Questions


Welcome to our regular “Ask the Vet With Dr. Kris” segment! Once a month, Dr. Kris answers as many of your questions as he can, and you can leave new questions for him in a comment.

Dr. Kristopher Chandroo is a veterinarian, scientist, photographer, animal welfare advocate, and creator of Stress to Success (STS): The Essential Guide to Medicating Your Feisty, Grumpy or Reluctant Cat.  Dr. Kris wants  your cats to be twenty years old. And counting! And he wants to provide medication and therapy to them in a way that respects the bond between cat and human.Continue Reading

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Mews and Nips: Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren’t Around?


Purring is usually considered a sign of contentment, but there’s more to a cat’s purr than meets the ear. Purring can be a sign of happiness, but there are other reasons why cats purr. I came across a fascinating article this week that explores all aspects of purring, from how the sound is generated, to the different kinds of purrs, and the different reasons why cats purr. Read Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren’t Around on The Conversation.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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A Hiss Before Dying by Rita Mae Brown (2023 Book Review)


I have been a fan of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown (co-written with her cat Sneaky Pie,) featuring tabby cat Mrs. Murphy and her friends Tee Tucker the Corgi and Pewter, a rotund grey kitty who is sensitive about her weight, since the first book in the series came out in 1991. In A Hiss Before Dying, the twenty-sixth installment in the series, the gang takes on another mystery in the small town of Crozet, Virginia.Continue Reading

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How to Help Your Shy Cat Deal with Visitors: 4 Expert Tips


Does your cat run and hide when the doorbell rings? Do your friends not believe that you actually have a cat? It’s not unusual for cats to pull a disappearing act when strangers visit. While some cats are naturally gregarious, others may be cautious with strangers, especially if they haven’t been introduced to many different people during a cat’s prime socialization period (between three to nine weeks of age.) Some cats are  just naturally shy. And it’s not helping that visitors often come with other “scary” experiences such as loud voices, large boxes or suitcases being brought into the house, and a general disruption of a cat’s routine.Continue Reading

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Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?


Cats and boxes: it’s a love affair for the ages. For most cats, nothing can bring as much joy as a simple box. For some cats, any box will do. For others, size matters, and preferences vary. While some cats prefer big, roomy mansion-sized boxes, others will wedge themselves into tiny little boxes, giving rise to the “if it fits it sits” meme. Have you ever wondered why cats are so drawn to boxes and other enclosed spaces like baskets and suitcases?Continue Reading

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How to Build a Catio: A Firsthand DIY Account


Written by Jessica Fritschle

I decided to build a catio to give my cats more space so that they can get away from each other and have some down time. I’ve always known that they would very much like to go outside, but I never had the nerve to do it. I always felt that keeping them inside was the one selfish decision I made. I knew that they would have happier lives if I let them go out – I just could never bring myself to do it.

Last year, I adopted a very spunky female cat who sits by the open windows all day. She clearly wanted to go outside. That was the final push that made me decide to actually build a catio versus just thinking about it.Continue Reading

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