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Don’t we all wonder what our cats are up to when we’re not home? Sure, we know they’re probably snoozing most of the day – after all cats sleep up to 18 hours a day. But what do they do in the other 6 hours?

Magpie, a small, lightweight GPS tracker that attaches to your cat’s collar, can keep your cat close to you even when you’re apart.

The creators of Magpie believe premium technology should be available to everyone. That’s why they’ve built a GPS tracker that’s not only smart and small, but also affordable. They just launched a Kickstarter campaign, and for a limited time, you can get one for your cat for only $5!


How it works

This super lightweight device can be clipped or attached to anything – your cat’s collar, your luggage, your bicycle. Once the Magpie is synched to your phone, you can find your cat (or the item you attached it to) anywhere. Magpie works in 185 countries around the world. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, you can even set a “safe zone,” and Magpie will alert you when your cat has wandered outside that zone.


Magpie’s features

Magpie’s battery is rechargeable and will run anywhere from 1 day to 3 months on a single charge, depending on the tracking frequency you’ve put in place. You can track by the minute, by the hour, or by the day.

Magpie is waterproof and strong and should hold up for even the most adventurous kitties out there.


Magpie is based on a subscription plan, with monthly service fees as low as $3.98 per month per unit.

Get Magpie for your cat for as little as $5 – offer good through June 28

For more information about Magpie, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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8 Comments on Magpie Lets You Know What Your Cat Is up to When You’re Not Home

  1. AS if we (humans) never mind our animal companions are not already being bathed in enough damaging frequencies on a daily basis why not just add another.

  2. Would be curious how detailed the info would be. Would be nice for ill kittens to see if they move around the room or stay still when I’m not there, but not sure if it would measure the few feet that the kitten room is. Or my older cats, if they move around or spend all day in the same spot like it looks like they do when they are exactly where I left them when I get home from work. Will have to look into this.

  3. So helpful for different cat situations. Sorry that it is a subscription service. Probably worth it – could’ve used it several years ago when I had a cat-trapping neighbor.

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