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I first saw the Jackson Galaxy Space Station from Petmate at Global Pet Expo, and I loved everything about it. This cleverly designed toy is really three toys in one and allows cats to stalk, pounce and play. The Space Station features:

  • an elevated bowl so cats can observe, lounge and play
  • a removable scratch pad in the center of the bowl
  • a weighted ball for continuous movement

The Space Station is generously sized at approximately 18.2 x 18 x 10 inches.

The Jackson Galaxy Space Station is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members, or directly from JacksonGalaxy.com.

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73 Comments on Giveaway: Jackson Galaxy Space Station from Petmate

  1. I have 9 rescue cats that would enjoy some mental stimulation since they now have to live indoors only. We have built shelves to give them levels as well as bought cat trees so that they can climb and stay active but something they play with would help until we can build our catio. (We are still saving up.) I hope we win!

  2. I’d like to win because I think my kitten would enjoy playing in it, yet hide from the bigger cats while playing. (one of them tends to chase her away from toys… Jealousy, I guess)

  3. I love that this toy is something my cat could actually play with from inside or outside, depending on his mood!

  4. My two kitties would love this! Especially Carl! It would give him a hiding spot for those times when Penny is feeling especially frisky

  5. This is an awesome toy! My 3 cats would LOVE this. They don’t have a lot of toys, and this toy would be a welcome addition to the house. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this great toy.

  6. Saw one of these at a local store recently and was intrigued – would love to win one for my bengal boy!

  7. I met me cat Henry thanks to a Jackson Galaxy event I attended in Austin, and I’ve always wanted to try a Jackson Galaxy cat item. Would love to try this with Henry and appreciate that it’s not the typical ugly clash color most cat items are. Thank you!

  8. I know that most of my 8 special needs rescued kitties would love this even if they don’t always like to share the fun things with each other!

  9. This is so fun. With that many cut-outs I envision little batting paws and woe to the unsuspecting that get too close! I also really like that it’s multi-purpose with play time, scratch time and snooze time all-in-one.

  10. Hey! Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never seen this before, but I LOVE IT! And I’m sure my cats would too! One younger cat and one older that need constant stimulation!

  11. I am a senior, constantly looking for toys for Bindi Bunnyfur, my Tortie daughter of a rescued feral, and Emma Abyssinian, a sweetheart who was gifted to me after Emma’s retirement from her show career and as a breeding queen. If I don’t provide cat safe toys, the girls will create their own from whatever is not nailed down!

  12. Kittens! We have 11 fosters, right now, to socialize and get ready for forwver homes. This toy seems like just the thing to entertain and help them on their way!

  13. I would love this — well actually my little female feline would — because she is so playful, smart, and curious and loves her little cardboard scratchers as well as chasing her toyballs around the house. Her energy helps give my older felines more energy to play so I think they would also love this, win win!!

  14. I must get at least one of these! I have bowl cats, even it they don’t fit they sits. I can only imagine how well this will go over.

  15. My former feral was the first of my cats to take to our Turbo Scratcher. Then all of my cats decided they liked it. I’m always looking for challenging toys for them, and I bet they’d enjoy this.

  16. My rescued feral kitten really loves the Turbo scratcher we have. This new toy by Jackson Galaxy is like a 3-D version of the Turbo toy. Even the older cats in the house come running when they hear that ball going around the track. I can see lots of play interaction with this new version.

  17. My rescued feral kitten really loves the Turbo scratcher we have. This new toy by Jackson Galaxy is like a 3-D version of the Turbo toy. Even the older cats in the house come running when they hear that ball going around the track. I can see lots of play interaction with this new version.

  18. Jackson Galaxy puts a lot of thought into his cat products. I can see all of my cats loving this product. I think I would need one for each so they wouldn’t fight over who uses it first.

  19. Hi Ingrid,

    Question: Have Allegra and Ruby used this toy? I ask because I’ve seen it online a few times and while I think my cats would really enjoy it, I wonder whether the larger holes on the side might be just big enough for a cat to get its head stuck through. I probably sound crazy, but it would not be the first time that my male cat, Dexter, has gotten his head stuck in a cat toy. He consistently exceeds my expectations in terms of the amount of mischief and mayhem one cat get himself involved in 🙂

  20. I recently saw this somewhere and remember thinking how much my guys would enjoy it. I didn’t know it was Jackson Galaxy, he definitely knows what kitties like. My guys are strictly indoors so I’m always looking for activities/toys to engage them both for fun and their mental health.

  21. This looks like a terrific toy for Schrödinger, as well as a great place for her to curl up when she’s done tearing it up. She’s a devoted fan of Jackson Galaxy and intently watches every episode of his show to learn how not to act in mixed company.
    She also thoroughly enjoys reading the Conscious Cat and laughs when she sees me trying to use the helpful hints to make her happy. She is a Cynical Calico, after all.

  22. Anything sponsored by Jackson Galaxy ought to be good for cats! My fat calico/ caliby Menina would love this, I think.

  23. This toy sounds like so much fun! Something for every kitty.

    P.S. Boodie has only been getting Assisi Loop treatments for a couple of days so far… and there is already a noticeable difference!

  24. Both my cats like to hide in any new box that comes into the house. This would be cleanable so it wouldn’t need to be recycled any time soon so they won’t get the lost, bummed-out look like they get when a box disappears!

  25. Cora Kitty would love this. Makes you wonder how someone breaks into the field of cat toy design.

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