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You may remember the “breading cats” meme featuring photos of cats’ heads encased in a slice of bread  from a few years ago. My sense of humor must not be mainstream, because I found nothing funny about putting cats through having a slice of bread stuck around their necks. But when I came across this cat bed shaped like a slice of toast, it made me smile. If you love quirky pieces in your living space, this bed is for you.

The generously sized bed features a removable cover over a soft foam filler. The foam core can be hand washed, the cover can be machine washed.


If photos posted by Amazon reviewers are any indication, cats love this bed. But what’s almost more fun than the bed itself is the description on Amazon, which was clearly written by someone for whom English is not their first language. “These creative pet mattresses are not eatable toast bread but usable pet bed pillow and cushions.”

And to stress how much pets love these beds, the seller says “very good to attract the cats and dogs or other cute little animals to stay on them.”

And while the seller may not master the English language, he is well aware of American’s penchant for warning labels on everything: “Notice: Please do not put in a place where there is fire.”


I think Allegra and Ruby are trying to tell me something, because the bed is on my computer screen every time I’ve been away from the computer for a little while…

The toast cat bed is available from Amazon.

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5 Comments on Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty… On a Toast Cat Bed

  1. I would research as to whether or not the fabric has fire retardant chemicals applied to it. Most if not all from China do.

  2. Saw this recently also. Sent the link to a friend who has a cat named “Toaster”. Seemed like a must have for her 🙂
    Debating about it myself!

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