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10 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Quantum Cat Physics

  1. My kitties do come running as I open tuna cans to make tuna salad as they LOVE the tuna water… the the sound of the pull ring for their canned treats… and shaking the container of their dry treats… They can all be dead asleep; but once these sounds are heard, they are racing to the kitchen! If I am not fast enough at dispensing the goodies, I am greeted by a chorus!

  2. What is the safest carpet cleaner for cats ? Also flea treatment on indoor cats. I unfortunately agreed to babysit a friends dog for one day assuming dog had no fleas. OOPS – WRONG !! Now I have fleas in my home and on my cats. Besides bathing – what can I safely use on my cats to get rid of the fleas ? Also carpeting ….. Help Help !!

  3. Mine come running every time the pantry door is opened. They know that’s where the kitty food is. They also recognize the sound of string cheese packaging being opening.

  4. Now the response is the to the sound of the vacuum “pop” of the ring pull on canned cat food, or even the sound of their dry food rattling as it gets scooped from the metal [re-purposed popcorn tin] canister to their plates. The really acute-hearing ones now recognize the sound of when I carefully and quietly remove the metal lid from the 4 gallon tin and they come running into the room, thus alerting the others to follow, charging down the hall. Don’t get in their way or they’ll knock you down! the Thundering Herd!!!

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