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If you loved A Street Cat Named Bob or Oliver, the Cat Who Saved Christmas, you’re going to love Molly and the Cat Café. This charming story about a homeless cat and a little café that was struggling to stay in business is about as heartwarming as a cat book gets.

When two-year-old tabby, Molly’s human can no longer care for her, her world falls apart. She is re-homed with three cat-hating dogs and a human who couldn’t care less about her, so one day, she decides to leave and makes her way to the nearest town. She begins to lose all hope of finding a home, until she is welcomed into a warm café. Like Molly, Debbie, the café’s owner, is also an outsider and she is desperate to turn around the struggling business.

Written in Molly’s voice, this book will pull you in, tug at your heart strings, and have you rooting for both Molly and Debbie. This sweet story may make you tear up every once in a while, there’s even a little suspense, and just when you think the book couldn’t get any better, there’s a surprise ending.

Molly and the Cat Café is available from Amazon.

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  1. I just finished “Molly and The Cat Café” and enjoyed it very much. The author did an admirable job writing in the cat’s, Molly’s, voice, and there are a lot of good lessons to be drawn throughout, both human-related and pet-related. I only wish the author had gone one step further and advocated for spaying/neutering. I kept waiting for even a mention, but it didn’t come. Overall, though, a nice read. I’d definitely recommend it to my feline-forward friends. 🙂

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