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Losing a beloved cat is often a child’s first experience with the death of a family member. Depending on a child’s age, death and euthanasia can be difficult concepts to grasp, and parents may find themselves at a loss as to how to help their grieving child. Staying Strong for Smokey, written by veterinarian Corey Gut, DVM, with guidance from an elementary school counselor and child therapist, addresses this difficult topic.

Smokey is a cherished member of the family who has grown up with the little girl in whose voice the book is written. When Smokey becomes ill and her quality of life has diminished, the family has to make the difficult decision to let Smokey go.

Aimed at young children, this beautifully illustrated book introduces a tough subject in a compassionate and accessible manner. Reading this book with children can help them cope with loss and serve as a catalyst to open up about their feelings.

Staying Strong for Smokey and its canine counterpart, Being Brave for Bailey, are available from Amazon or directly from the author’s website.

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7 Comments on Review: Staying Strong for Smokey

  1. Ever since I read this, I had a gut feeling that I would have to “stay strong” for my cat any time soon, and last Saturday (May 20th) I took her to the Veterinary clinic, sat there for almost seven hours, beore they could take her in. What for me was a “check-up” turned out to be something horrible, and after a phonecall in the middle of the night, letting me know that they found something on the X-ray (a mass in her abdomen) that sounded really severe, I had no other choice but to let her go…. Today, three Days later, I hear from the clinic that it might not have been as bad after all. I am sitting here, thinking I would do everything for my cat Kajsa, and someone else made me think I had no choice but to euthanize her. My heart is torn apart, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to trust another veterinarian ever again.

    • Oh Maria, I’m so very sorry! My heart is breaking for you. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. What a horrible experience. Losing a beloved cat is so very difficult, but what you’re dealing with is beyond anything I can contemplate. I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. Kajsa was such a beautiful girl, and I’m so grateful you shared her with me and my readers in my book. I feel like I lost one of my own cats, reading your post.

      • I am grateful that I got to share photos of my lovely Kajsa through your sweet book, Tortie-lovers allover the world will enjoy her sweet looks as well as the other “Girls” in the book. But I am heartbroken, she should have been around for several more years… Words cannot ease my pain, but I am thankful I have friends (IRL, IG, blogs) that can understand how devastated I feel, people who love cats as much as I do.

  2. I have the honor of KNOWING Dr.Corey. She is a Vet at the practice that Cody and Dakota go to. We also had the honor of reviewing her first book about Bailey….we will be seeing her tomorrow to pick up this book and will be reviewing it on May 22nd. She is an incredible woman, simply incredible. So warm, brilliant and kind.

  3. This is a wonderful idea for children. I remember when I lost my first cat. It was probably the worst thing I went through and my parents really didn’t say much about it.

  4. Just reading about the story is making my eyes well up. It made me remember losing pets that I was so sure I’d never forget at the time and realizing that I haven’t thought about them in years and might be the only one who even remembers them at all. Sorry, this just hit me really hard. I think that Staying Strong for Smokey could help a lot of bereaved children and families.

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