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Where are your litter boxes located? Hopefully, you already know that they should be in an easily accessible location, and not stashed away in some dark corner of your basement. If the box is hard to get to, your cat may not use it. Ideally, litter boxes should be located where your cat spends most of her time – and for most of us, that is where we spend most of our time. Enter Catitions. These beautiful privacy screens offer an attractive way to not only conceal the litter box, they also offer kitty privacy while she’s doing her business.

The story behind Catitions

The creators of Catitions tried different room dividers for their cats over the years. They quickly realized that they were either too tall, too light, or too heavy. They would fall over, scaring the cats, or make a worse mess than the one they tried to disguise.

As their cats got older, they moved the litter boxes to areas that were more easily accessible, and sometimes, that meant the bedroom or living room. Not wanting to live with litter boxes in plain sight, they decided to create Catitions. After months of experimenting with different types of wood, hardware, finishes and designs, they created their first prototypes.


About Catitions

Catitions are long-lasting, light-weight and sturdy, and they are designed especially for cats. They are made from sustainable materials, have beautiful engraved designs, and blend well with most home interiors. They are made by hand, in the USA, and sealed with green, eco-friendly materials.


Catition features

  • conceal messy kitty areas
  • light-weight and stable
  • urine resistant
  • water resistant
  • non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes and sealer
  • long-lasting
  • folds for easy storage
  • no assembly required, just unwrap and place in your favorite spot
  • multi-functional: can be used to cover other areas of the house, or even in front of windows
  • an alternative to cat enclosures
  • complements most interiors
  • beautiful engraved details
  • Two color choices: Natural Wood and Amber Gold
  • Catitions can be personalized with your cat’s name

Catitions are available for pre-order at the discounted early bird rate of $89 (regular price will be $129.) Please visit Catitions Indiegogo Campaign page for more information about the many wonderful perks they offer, including personalization of your Catition, donations to non-profit cat rescue organizations, and more. All perks come with free UPS shipping. You can also find Catitions on Facebook, and Twitter.

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3 Comments on Catitions: Artitistic Privacy Screens for Your Cat (and You)

  1. Gosh….. whatever next for these felines of ours; have to admit to never having heard of these screens but they do look lovely and of course a good idea. Did Ruby and Allegra get to try them and what did they think?

  2. The screens are lovely but,everything I have ever read about cats and litter boxes has instructed to make sure boxes are located in a way that gives a cat full view of anything possibly coming toward their box.Using that screen, prevents say, a cat seeing another cat coming to scare/intimidate. I honestly think cats do not want litter boxes hidden away, people do.

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