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Balanced Blends is a Boulder Colorado based company, founded by enthusiastic pet parents with a distinct curiosity and interest in pet nutrition. Initially, the three founders each prepared raw foods at home for their four-legged family members. They wanted to create a commercially available complete and balanced raw diet for cats and dogs that would help make raw feeding easy for pet parents’ busy schedules. Working with veterinarians and a PhD nutritionist, they created Balanced Blends.

I’m impressed with what’s in the food, and what’s not.

Balanced Blends uses high quality ingredients, sourced in the US, from cage free chickens and grass fed cattle. All Balanced Blends formulas

  • are antibiotic free
  • are USDA inspected and approved
  • do not contain added hormones
  • contain balanced fat with optimal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and low linoleic acid
  • contain an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • do not contain produce (only the dog formulas contain produce)
Balanced Blends Raw Chicken Dinner for Cats

Convenient Starter Pack

Balanced Blends offers a convenient starter pack for new customers to try their products with a lower initial order amount.

Cat Starter Pack (free shipping + no minimum order)  *new customer only*
$14 for 2 lbs of Raw Chicken Dinner
$16 for 2 lbs of Raw Beef Dinner

This is an incredible deal! Visit to learn more.

Free Shipping on all orders until March 14, 2017

Balanced Blends normally charges a $15 flat shipping fee on all orders under 20 lbs. Until March 14, 2017, they will waive the shipping fee. The minimum order on this offer is 10 lbs.


For more information about Balanced Blends, please visit their website.

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  1. I just placed an order for a starter pack. It looks like they use the same ingredients I use when making raw food. I ordered the chicken as I heard that beef could cause a hyper-allergic reaction to cats. I discovered by accident that my cats like cooked beef but due to gastrointestinal issues that one of my fur babies is having, I haven’t tried giving them raw beef.

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