Wellness is voluntarily recalling a small amount of their canned cat foods from retailers’ shelves. According to the company’s website, “keeping your trust in our brand is so important to us, and so we wanted to let you and our retailers know right away. Since the products may not have been made consistent with our quality assurance guidelines, we want to replace them. Our Quality team learned that a foreign material was found in non-WellPet products made in the same facility, and so we are taking this conservative step to ensure the well-being of cats and to put our consumers’ minds at ease.”

The recipes are in 12.5 oz. cans with the following best buy dates:

Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Chicken & Herring – 08/04/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Chicken –  08/03/2019 & 08/04/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Chicken & Lobster –  08/04/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Turkey & Salmon – 08/05/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Turkey – 08/04/2019 & 08/05/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Beef & Chicken -08/05/2019
Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 oz Beef & Salmon -08/05/2019

If you have any of the 12.5 oz recipes with these best buy dates, email info@wellpet.com or call 1-877-227-9587 and they’ll replace your product.

For more information about the recall, please visit the Wellness website.

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  1. Has anyone had any changes in bloodwork from giving their cats Wellness pate wet food? I took all my cats in for their yearly which I always get a cbc/chem/thyroid etc tests. All were normal last year. This year they almost all had weird changes in their blood values, some were really abnormal, kinda pointing in the kidney disease area. They are 7 years old. I have taken them off Wellness permanently. I will do a rechk of their blood values at the end of the month. I just thinking it has to be the food. They were eating Wellness in the am and a dry/wet mix at night (the dry food isn’t Wellness). The one kitty that only eats dry food, his blood numbers weren’t ok and he wasn’t eating any Wellness.

    • I think after a year of feeding 2 yr old cat Wellness chicken pate it may be causing her diarrhea. Started a month ago. Vet put her on Hill’s i/d and diarrhea cleared up so I put her back on Wellness and day later diarrhea again. Back on Hill’s, no diarrhea. Only way for me to be sure if it’s the Wellness is to feed it to her after this next round of Hill’s, but maybe not such a good idea to experiment.

    • I was givingWellness to my cat and it gave him the runs. Too much gravy I guess. I started giving him the Wellness and mixed it with a pate and that has resolved the loose stool issue.

    • Have you tried “Earthborn” holistic cat food? I found this product at a place called “Pet Supermarket” when I was looking for a substitute for Wellness. It is clean, smells nice, and my cat loves it. They don’t have a huge selection of flavours but that’s not a problem for my kitty. Check it out and no, I don’t work for them.

      • I also use this brand, one of the only couple to have never been recalled… but also fairly priced and so far my cats coats have improved too!

  2. I’m furious at Wellness for screwing up the formula of their Signature food. My cat turns her nose up at it and she is not a picky cat. After they changed to the shiny labelled stuff, she got sick and pooped outside of her box. It’s a pity because she liked the food with the purple lid and seemed to thrive on it. Why they had to monkey around with it is anyone’s guess but I hope they lost a lot of business. Not a smart decision at all. Don’t mess with our cats.

  3. My cats are 1.5 yrs. old. They have only had Wellness kitten and adult food.
    They have had diarrhea for 3 days – took them off Wellness Minced 3.5 ounce cans, and only gave dry food. Diarrhea stopped. Waiting on fecal results from vet, though, to be sure it’s the food.

  4. All 4 of my cats are throwing up, refusing to eat. They want to eat but when I put the Wellness canned (several varieties) they turn their noses up……we have fed Wellness canned food for several years……now i see we’re not alone having a problem. 🙁

    • so sad, we are not alone our cats are the victims, we feed them what we believe is good food and they get sick, we have used wellness chicken pate for years and recently are seeing a lot of what looks like bone in the food. I just bought the wellness select boneless 5.2 oz cans chicken sliced and Lola had a little diarrhea for a couple days and threw up once. She really liked the Signature select food but went to sleep a few nights ago had diarrhea right there in bed and never woke up. Now my dear friend lola is forever gone and I believe it is the food. My other cat zara would not eat the food when offered and she is still alive. So sad

    • Both of my cats have been on Wellness dry and pouches since they were kittens. (They are ten now). One month ago they started with diarrhea and throwing up. All tests from vet came back negative. Did not realize so many others having same problem. Having a hard time finding another food that they like.

      • I did try everything under the sky to replace 12 years of Wellness – my cat end up liking “halo spot’s stew” and it agrees with my little old lady! She likes chicken and turkey and I can say I am happy

  5. I used to give my cats the chicken pate. Last year, they turned up their noses to it. Now i know why.
    Was also wondering why they had diarrhea out of the blue.
    Ive been feeding them Wellness brand kitten and now adult food…both hard and canned since they were 8 weeks old. They are almost 2 years old.
    I do still feed them Wellness Core hard food, and they do still do great on it. No more canned.
    Now im questioning the company in general.

      • I used Wellness for almost 4 years until last August when my cat suddenly got diarrhea. I could tell that the food looked different – different texture and color. I contacted Wellness and they changed the formula and processing plant for the salmon and tuna and shrimp and tuna recipes. I will NEVER buy Wellness again.

        • The salmon one made gave all 3 of my cats diarrhea around August also. They were eating the chicken pate for 2 years before it was discontinued (12.5), but now I see it’s because it was recalled. I switched to the chicken morsels. The two younger cats got better, but the older one got IBD. We just bought the chicken pate again b/c I saw they were back in the market, after 2 days, the cats all have diarrhea. The old cat, is in the last round of medicine. I’m afraid this is going to aggravate the IBD and he will have to start the healing from the beginning. I’m becoming paranoid about food. It’s so costly for just the food, not to mention the vet bills and medicine.

        • I tried the salmon morsels for the first time this morning and one of my cats is throwing up and has liquid diarrhea. I have fed them chicken and turkey gravies in the past, but now I will no longer purchase Wellness again.

    • They changed the formula for many of the Wellness brands. They removed Carrageenan, but added Cassia Gum and Xanthan Gum. These gums made my cat very sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, twitching. And I have found numerous others who had similar complaints. Beware of these gums in cat food. Many cats cannot tolerate them.

      • To add a little more detail, I fed my cat Wellness Core Chicken,Turkey, & Chicken Liver formula for years, with great success. Then last summer she started showing the bad symptoms. After much research this is what I found. They also changed the labeling with the ingredient change. The cans that basically look the same but now say “Classic Pate” on the front, those are the ones that have the new formula with these suspect gums.

        • This is really awful. Thank you for reporting your findings. I was going to switch them back morsels, but have noticed that since our last supply the labeling has changed. It does contain these gums. It seems unhealthy, but I’m going to to go back to our standby option, Friskies wet food. They have yet to get sick on it (knock on wood). I have all male cats and have lost 2 cats to bladder crystals in the past, which is attributed to stress and low hydration. So I need to find a wet food alternative, dry food won’t work.

          • I switched to Core Wellness dry food for my cat. After one bag of food I had noticed he would lick himself after urinating. I googled it and it described possible urinary infection. So keeping an eye on it and next thing we know he’s in emergency vet with severe crystals in his bladder with blockage. I do not recommend this food.

  6. I had been using canned Wellness Signature Selects Chicken and Turkey for a long time, then the formulation changed, and shortly after, my cats started having diarrhea and vomiting. This occurred during the September/October 2017 time frame. I took Wellness out of the food rotation, and the problem went away. Waited, then started feeding Wellness again, and the diarrhea came back. It was the Wellness, and I will never buy it again. I wrote to Wellness and got no response. Either something is wrong with the formulation or the lot. Either way, it’s out.

    • Good thing is out – it took my cat a while to recover from colitis. I am still mad with the company – my cat ate the food for years (over 12!) and I have an over 17 years old and because the old formula was so good. To make such changes that the cats get sick, it shows the lack of any respect, common sense and money hunger attitude! I use to recommend it to all my friends, now I warn everyone against it. Hope all the kitties will feel better!

  7. My 10 year old Max is picky-won’t eat pate style, only shredd d. Over the past month or so, I’ve only been able to find the “new” formula with the different label. He doesn’t like it as much and has diarrhea on a regular basis. I also noticed a difference in texture of the food–gummy and strange looking. I’m done with wellness signature selects. Went today to the pet store to find a replacement, and the woman there told me someone called this week trying to find the “old” formula. I’ve got a bunch of shredded options to try, but he seemed to love Weruva “cats in the kitchen” double dip chicken and beef. Fingers crossed and shame on wellness.

  8. We had been feeding our 3 cats Wellness Chicken Pate for months without issue. Suddenly we have 3 very sick cats with diarrhea who won’t touch the food anymore. Wellness is claiming it is the “new formula”, which is not true as we already were on the “new formula” before this incident. I’m trying to get to the bottom of the issue with them and they are insisting that “due to the sensitive nature of the conversation” it is is both of our best interest to conduct future dialogue by telephone. Can we say, “Wellness knows they’re going to get sued for making animals sick?!?!” I’m absolutely disgusted with them. Here I’m spending a fortune on food that I am led to believe is healthier than the cheaper brands and I end up with three very sick cats. It took me a week to get my eldest cat to eat ANYTHING after this incident. Wellness associates don’t know how to even spell in correspondence and are clearly hiding something. I would highly recommend avoiding this food. I have never felt so bullied by a company and there is no doubt that they know they have a huge problem. BEWARE!

    • My cats, who have also been eating this food for a long time, suddenly won’t have anything to do with it. They sniff, take a few licks and walk away. They have also had diarrhea.

      • I reported this incident to the FDA and recommend that anyone else who is going through it do the same. Just go to the FDA site and fill out the forms. It’s very easy to do and the only way that anything is going to stop this monster. I am hearing from more and more friends who have actually lost their pets to this brand of food.

    • Thank you for posting about your experience. My two cats were eating Wellness Chicken Pate and suddenly started having foul smelling diarrhea, not eating, and were lethargic. I took them to the vet and after ruling out everything else, we concluded it must have been the food. They are finally doing better.

      • How long did it take for them to get better? I have a very sick kitty right now. Can only conclude it was the Wellness Chicken Pate. She is lethargic and has colitis. She is at least drinking a tiny bit of water and eating a tiny bit. No vomiting but she has not moved her bowels either. Did you have any of this happen to your kitties?

        • The vet put them on Metronidazole (for parasites/bacteria) and also put them on Proviable (a probiotic). They were much better within 24 hours and back to normal within 72 hours.

          My cats never vomited but they were lethargic, off their feed (eating and drinking very little), and had horrific smelling diarrhea.

    • I wish I found these comments before my cat got sick! For over 15 years she ate Wellness and I was happy with the quality – since the formula changed, she developed soft stool and she refuses to eat. I wasn’t sure if it’s from wellness or other brands I tried (all premium food) but it looks like Wellness made my baby sick. She is on antibiotics for colitis and I feed her Hills vet food in order to get her eat something – shame on those who look only to improve their profits, but care so little about animal’s health. I am going to complain as well and never, ever touch any of their products! SHAME!

      • Ugh. So sorry to hear about your kitty. My kitty is also sick with colitis and had to have antibiotics due to this food. It is so heart breaking watching them get ill and there is little you can do. How is she doing now? My baby is still lethargic but she’s drinking a little water and eating a little bit, not much but a little. I hope your fur baby gets well soon.

        • JR, my little one is a bit better, she is eating now Royal Canin recovery and also had luck with Hills (same formula) She hates the pills (they are really bitter) and the stool is still soft – but I hope she will recover. Try the above (I had to buy from Vet) and hopefully yours life those too (for one day I forced fed her, so this is a serious matter!) Hope your fur baby will feel better!

    • Interesting! We just started giving out new cat wellness chicken (3oz) and she started having terrible liquid diarrhea. I guess I’ll try something else and see if it goes away.

      • I hope your fur babies are okay. I lost one after giving her Wellness. She was 13 years old though so I think perhaps it was too much for her. It’s so difficult to find a good quality cat food that they will actually eat and does not have fish in it! Good luck.

  9. I’m in Chicago also, but I purchased the case of pate online. The two I spoke with on the phone said that the pate is made in Canada and the skipjack tuna is made in Thailand. So that means same kind of incident happening at multiple plants. Not good.

    • in deed not good! i called and talked to them they said they were gunna send me a envelope to send the piece to them for the lab to check out and then they would get back to me. she also said that they freeze the food in a wrapper and when they cut it open it then goes thru a machine which passes thru a screen and is suppose to catch all bad things. and some times small enough objects go thru the screen. so i dunno what i should do . ive been thinkin i might try a new brand just as good or better than wellness .

  10. I have used signature select chicken and turkey entree wet food for a long time now and now the company has changed to something called core grain-free and I was told the formula did not change even though it is obvious the gravy has certainly changed in texture and color. My cat has been sick for five days now because of one small can of that food. I have to be very careful what I feed this cat because he has UTI stress syndrome with crystals. Cats with this syndrome cannot have fish products especially male cats who do not need fish products to begin with and since the original food I was using seems to be no more my choices are more limited than before. So far I have been to the Vet for steroid shots due to the effect on my cats digestive system..and has been put on antibiotics in case this trips a UTI because of the stress this is causing on the cat. I will never use Wellness brand again. I hope my boy recovers from this.

    • Look up feline idiopathic cystitis. It is urinary issues caused by stress and anxiety. My cat had that and i give him cystease mixed in his wet food. Also l-methionine if the ph is off and if he had struvite crystals.

    • You should try hound & gatos lamb & liver flavor. Also you could put freeze dried raw toppers on top if he doesnt like wet food that much. And the Cystease. My cat went from his bladder looking like a snow globe on an x-ray in December to being completely clear a few months later.

    • Dear E-
      Same issue here. My cats are now allergic to the new Wellness Signature Selects. They said they changed manufacturers and that’s it- B.S. My male cat also has UTI stress. Wellness was great for him until now. So frustrating. I feed him Royal Canin SO Dry food which works, but he loved the wet food. His two sisters with no health issues were ill after feeding them the new Wellness.

  11. Hi I just found foreign material in a 3oz can of wellness wet turkey salmon pate.

    The foreign material is a sharp and jagged piece of hard blue plastic. About a quarter inch long.

    My cat started eating the new formula recently and was reactingly badly, avoiding and vomiting. I don’t know if that was related to him consuming foreign material or just reacting to the new formula.

    I contacted the company and they said they would be investigating. I asked if they would be notifying consumers and I was told they would investigate and it was probably an isolated incident. How could they know?

    I was not satisfied with that so I am posting here. Pet owners should know.

    The piece of plastic I found could tear or cause some fatal intestinal damage. So thankful that I happened to see it poking out of the food.

  12. ive been feeding my cats the skipjack tuna with salmon wellness select does anyone know if this flavor and kind has been a issue

    • I have been feeding my cat the Wellness Signature Skipjack tuna and wild salmon entree in broth and the Wellness Signature Skipjack tuna and shrimp entree in broth for years. Never had a problem. However, I noticed with the newest cans I purchased there is a definite change in the food. The ingredients are the same except now it says “mackerel” instead of “ocean white fish”. The food is more mushy now and browner. Anyways, my cat’s poop is now very running and smelling. This was never a problem before.
      Have other folks noticed this change? Considering using a different brand. Any recommendations? My cat is very picky and prefers fish. Thanks.

        • After reading your recommendations, I will see if my cat will eat something other than fish-based products. She is a healthy nine year old cat, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Thank you, Ingrid.

          • Nutro perfect portions grain free is ok if you want to buy at one of the big pet stores. My cat likes hound & gatos lamb & liver. I had to stop buying wellness after both cats got sick w diarrhea at the same time. You could try “only natural pet” raw freeze dried chicken which is at petsmart surprisingly. I guess these companies have realized that people read ingredients. So many posts where people had to learn so much about pet nutrition because their pets are sick after “formula changes” aka greedy rich company wanting more profit so they decided meat is expensive so they should try to trick people by putting different things in the food. They used to put blatant bad ingredients, then people caught on. So they put corn, and people didnt like that. So they have tried potatoes, grains, rice, vegetables, fruit, carrageenan, by products, and everything they could think of. But they lost business, and now ALL these new products come out around the same time, grain free… So now they add PEAS since they are grain free. And other strange things to be cheap. One food was looking good and then I saw carrageenan. Do they not get it? People dont want carrageenan in the food and that food isnt going to sell. They do all this work to make a new line of food w new packaging, and they are so dumb that they cant understand that people will know they tried to slip something in the food that is bad for our pets. If they could put quality MEAT in the CAN and NOTHING ELSE! (Besides the essential vitamins and minerals) they could make way more profit than they do now. Maybe if they did the right thing and stopped trying to sicken or kill our pets by being sneaky, they would realize that if they make a product that the customer wants, they would make a lot of sales! Gasp. Make a good product, and people will buy it. call me crazy, but i thought thats how business was supposed to work. I am so sick of these companies causing me extra stress that i dont need. Im about to make my own food because i can make it better than they ever could. I am afraid to though, because i dont know what vitamins and minerals are needed and dont want to make a food that could be lacking. I love my cat more than life itself, and if he gets sick or anything happens to him again because of one of these companies, whoever is responsible will be held accountable. I can guarantee that. I have read so many stories of cats who were sick and many who died because of the food. It is so sad and scary because i cant trust any of these companies anymore. i barely have the energy to do the few responsibilities i have to take care of, and now I have to spend years researching ingredients in pet food… I am sick of being poor and not being able to get ahead, and being mistreated by people i love, my son is gone, and my cat is all i have left. He is the only one who makes me smile and happy. I am so afraid that i could choose the wrong food one day. One post said that the lady handed her cat the food that killed him, and she had to watch him go through so much pain and she felt so horrible because she fed him and he trusted her and she felt like it was her fault.

          • Sorry for the rant, I just read all these posts about people who had a healthy pet who they lost. And it seems like so many more recalls lately. Wellness was a good food, then they changed the formula. My cat knew immediately and would barely eat it anymore. People reported metal in the food and if they would have recalled it earlier, then these cats wouldnt have eaten it months after it should have been pulled off the shelves.

      • I also have noticed that same response from my 9 year old cat so I am trying the skipjack tuna with shrimp which has not changed in consistency and also see if he might respond better to the Nutrisca flaked Tuna and Salmon. I have no idea why Wellness changed their recipe when it has evidently worked for so many of our cats unless it is about cost for the company. I’m disappointed and I’m sure our cats are too for the side effects of the change in their diet. Cats don’t do well when that happens. If anyone can offer any recommendations I’d follow up. Thanks.

      • i Buy wellness cat food , signiture brand skipjack tuna and salmon . that is only flavor my cats will eat. this weekend 8-26-2017 i found a 2and half inch piece of plastic in my cats food after opening it . it resembles dental floss but im sure it isnt . im am very upset about this . this is supposed to be one of the top notch foods for cats.

        • Hi, I also found a piece of plastic in a can of wellness cat food earlier this month (AUG 2017). Though a different line- the grain free pate, turkey and salmon.

          Please call the number on the can of you are able to as this will hopefully make them more likely to recall. I called and the person I spoke to wasn’t concerned with the well being of my cat at all and just wanted the physically piece I found handed over to them, which I did, but it was a very disappointing call to say the least. They kept saying it was probably an isolated incident. How could they know at that point?

          I hope your cat is okay and didn’t ingest any. This is very upsetting that more plastic was found in another line because that means whatever happened to cause it could be affecting many many cans of food currently being fed to pets.

          On top of all of this, my dear cat is still recovering from the formula switcharoo they pulled that I’m convinced was a much lower quality formula. Shame on Wellpet for putting profits so far ahead of the well being of our pets.

          • Thanks for you support nik. im in chicago where are you from ? this will give a idea of how wide spred the issue is . i called number and left a msg . i also emailed them. im thinkin im going to have to switch brands i dnt know if i can trust wellness anymore.. there reputation is going down the drain . sad to say

          • I just got off the phone with a representative from wellness and they were much more caring about the situation. Please, I urge everyone to CALL THEM. They cannot make the changes or recalls that need to be made without hearing from you directly. You will potentially be helping other pets avoid these kinds of issues.

      • Same here! So sad that they changed such a wonderful recipe! Any Signature Select with fish in it is a problem. I contacted them. They said they would reimburse, but nothing yet.

        • I contacted Wellness. Here was their response:

          Thank you for taking the time to write us about your recent experience with our Wellness® CORE® Signature Selects™ Wet Cat Food. We are sorry to hear of the experience you and your furry feline children have had with our product and will be documenting all the details and sharing them with our Quality Team so that we can improve in the future. We wanted you to know that the main formulation update we made to our CORE Signature Selects canned cat food was the removal of the ingredient carrageenan from several of the diets. Additionally, depending on which Signature Select recipe you are feeding, there may have been be some other minor updates to the ingredient deck. In addition to the formula updates we did move manufacturing facilities for our CORE Signature Select and as a result of the new manufacturer, and because our food is natural, you may see product that looks slightly different in color, consistency, texture, and may have a new aroma. These differences are a function of natural products in general, but also raw material fluctuations and the manufacturing process. Please be assured that even though the product may look different from batch to batch, its superior nutritional value, palatability and safety does not change. All of our canning facilities follow the same strict WellPet quality control standards and are monitored by our Quality Assurance Team, just as all of our raw ingredients and finished products are tested fully for safety and nutritional values by our Quality Assurance Team prior to being released to consumers.

          We would like to learn more about your experience and help make additional product recommendations for your furry feline children, so we ask that you please call our Consumer Affairs Team at (800) 225-0904. Our representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. If it’s easier for you, you can also contact us back with your phone number and a time to call you back and someone on the team can reach out to you at a time that’s convenient for you.

      • My cats have been getting diarrhea from the Signature Selects skipjack tuna and wild salmon. They absolutely love it but I think there is something wrong with it so now the last 4 cans are just sitting here. This is the only canned food that they love so it is upsetting to not trust the food.

  13. I just had to put my beloved 8.5 year old male cat down because he had a urinary block and became septic. I only fed him Wellness or Blue dry cat food and a daily can of wet food. I am devastated and feel guilty wondering if Wellness is the cause of the urinary crystals that blocked my beloved cat and caused his death. I gave him Wellness Salmon flavor (not Core). I miss my fur baby and now I am trying to figure out what went wrong.

    • Omg you are a good mom trying to give the best.i am soo sorry for the loss of your baby. I used wellness 7 years started seeing recall pattern thy cats git suck I now use earthbirn what a difference. Try for the next baby you give your love to

    • Do not feel guilty. This is a chronic problem for male cats (not the septic part) and as long as he had the wet food and plenty of fresh water that’s all you can do. You should let is go and when ready get a new furry friend.

  14. I feed my cat Wellness Core Cat Food for the first time two weeks ago. Two hours later he was in severe distress. The episode passed but he continued to experience almost daily episodes of respiratory distress and collapse. He never improved and we aren’t sure what happened to cause.

    • I’m so sorry, Lynne! Please report this to Wellness and the FDA. I know it won’t bring your precious boy back, but it may help others.

  15. We have 9 indoor cats who are our babies since we chose not to have people babies. We buy our food by the case 4 cases at a time. My cats have been sick and some would just not eat the canned food from Wellness chicken the recalled 12.5 cans. I was not notified but just had this feeling to look up recalled moist food and low and behold I had already fed one case of the recalled food and 1 1/2 cans of the 2nd case. My cats have been throwing up daily with one cat throwing up mucus with blood in it!!!! Tried to take her to the vet but she scratched the daylight out of my husband and ran and hid. Then later ate her contaminated food since I still did not know. I have been at my wits end trying to figure out what is wrong!!!!!!!!! Also upset with the company that they would not notify the specific people who has purchased those contaminated foods!!! After reading the other stories I am seriously thinking of changing foods! I feel that if the company really cared about there consumers and there animal families they would have gone out of there way to let us know about the food recall! All I can say is reckless and dishonest and has probably hurt the company more than helped them by not making this error made know. I want to say I am so sorry to hear about the kitty who died and the others who are sick like mine! I will be praying for all of our furry family for complete recovery without any residual health issues!!!

    • I’m so sorry about your babies. If you haven’t already done so, please report this to the FDA and to Wellness. All my best to your babies for a full and quick recovery.

      • Thank you! I did call the company to report my recalled food and they are sending me 2 non recalled cases. I did not say too much yesterday. I think I was so relieved to find out what was going on that I just wanted it to go away. Today I am upset and angry especially after reading others stories. I will do as you have mention. Thank you again!

        • I hope they feel better once you switch their food! I am glad you found out! Sending you and your kitties love!

  16. I have been purchasing Wellness Chicken canned cat food for my cat on amazon for about a year now. February 15 I got an email that said it was being recalled/discontinued due to a quality issue.

    I suspect it could have been the food, especially after reading a lot of other people have had similar issues recently.

    My kitty fell ill Jan 20 and I put him to sleep a week later. He had stopped eating altogether, was very lethargic, stopped grooming, vomiting up what little food he did eat, had trouble breathing, and looked miserable. I took him to the vet and he was hospitalized for 3 days. They couldn’t find anything obvious and sent him home. He had a fever and they got that down with medicine (cat Tylenol maybe?). After I took him home, he didn’t get any better. They wanted to put a feeding tube in, but I decided to put him to sleep because his quality of life was poor. Also, I suspected it was something serious since the vet had ruled out a bunch of other things. He had x-rays done, blood work, etc. His blood work, x rays, were normal. (Although his liver enzymes were a little high). He was dying because he wasn’t eating (jaundice). The vet didn’t know what was wrong, but suggested it COULD be intestinal lymphoma, etc. since my kitty had intestinal issues.

    I never suspected the food, but if I would have gotten that email while I still had my kitty, I would have put him on the feeding tube and switched his food.

    I feel terrible, but I just was doing what I thought was best.

    I hope all the other sick pets are ok!

    I am glad that Wellness recalled the food, BUT they should have found it sooner!!! I feel like they should have known earlier and alerted everyone. It may have saved my cat.

    I sent Wellness and email and no response. I also reported to the FDA.

    I hope that Wellness gets to the root of the problem and prevents this from ever happening again.

    I will probably not buy it anymore, what is the best brand to buy? I thought Wellness was one of the best?? Fresh Pet??

  17. My cats have become seriously ill after eating the chicken wellness. One is pooping blood and projectile vomiting. One is throwing up and diarehha and one is extremly lethargic with vomiting. All have been taken to the vet and given fluids. They may need to be hospitalized. I’m sick with worry and will never buy this product again. Blue Buffalo also has a recall for the same problem.

    • That’s terrible, Brenda. There are multiple active recalls (all the others are for dog food) of several other brands for this same reason, which probably means the problem is with the manufacturing plant.

    • That’s terrible, Brenda. There are multiple active recalls (all the others are for dog food) of several other brands for this same reason, which probably means the problem is with the manufacturing plant. All my best to your kitties!

    • That’s terrible, Brenda. There are multiple active recalls (all the others are for dog food) of several other brands for this same reason, which probably means the problem is with the manufacturing plant. All my best to your kitties!

  18. Ingrid, I’ve just joined your group. Thank you for providing us with credible, immediate information and feedback about this recall and other important information to help us better care for our kitties. It’s great that Chanda was available to respond to our concerns, as I do feed my cat Wellness. (in the 5.5oz cans) Thank you Chanda for your follow up.

  19. I do feed this to my cats, since they nnay already have eaten some, what is the foreign material and what reactions if any should I watch for ?


    • According to an email I received from Chanda from Wellness, “Our Quality team was notified that a small amount of metal was found in non-WellPet products made in the same facility. There were no injuries. The chance of any other products being affected is very remote. We know it’s concerning and certainly want to keep our cats safe, so we took this step out of an abundance of caution. We are letting our consumers and retailers and distributors know this.”

      • Thank you Ingrid,

        Although not good, my concern was it may have been chemical in nature. Thank you Wellness for your high standards in quality control.

  20. These are our brands–the Turkey and the Chicken & Herring. But we use 5.5 ounce cans. What I don’t understand is this. Are the 12.5 ounce cans and the 5.5 ounce cans made in separate facilities? That doesn’t make sense, unless the recall has something to do with the can itself. They had better provide more information than this. I’m calling them tomorrow and I will be very angry.

    • It could have something to do with the cans itself, or the equipment the larger cans are made on, Bob. Please let us know if you find out additional information.

      • Hi Bob & Ingrid, this is Chanda Leary from Wellness Natural Pet Food. The can sizes you feed were not made on the same production line, so we can assure you with full confidence they were not affected. Only the 12.5 oz. cans with the best buy dates listed were involved. If you have any additional questions, we’re here to help. Please call us at 877.227.9587. Thanks.

        • I must have lucked out. My bengal cat wouldn’t eat her food for about 4 days, and I almost took her too the vet. Thank goodness. She must have sniffed it out. But there was definitely something wrong with her food.

    • Hi Elizabeth, this is Chanda Leary from Wellness Natural Pet Food. Wellness CORE cans are not affected at all. If you have any questions, feel free to call us today at 877.227.9587. Thanks.

  21. Same recall petco just had on some of their brand of canned cat food. Is Petco’s food made by Wellness or vice-versa?

    • Hi Esme, my name is Chanda Leary and I’m with Wellness Natural Pet Food. This only affects a limited amount of 12.5 oz canned cat products with the listed best by dates. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 877.227.9587. Thanks.

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