On Wednesday, we featured this year’s 5 most popular posts in the Feline Health category. Today, I’d like to share some of our most popular posts in the Feline Lifestyle category.

Cats May Have Been Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend for More Than 10,000 Years


The first evidence of companion cats comes from the island of Cyprus about 7,500 years BCE (Before the Common Era). Feline veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Colleran took a fascinating look at the early origins of the connection between cats and people. Click here to read the full article.

Nine Lives: A Story of Catastrophe, Compassion and Caring


Our three part series about nine cats in need resonated deeply with many of you. This story about cats who lived through trauma and hardship, and the woman who rescued them, is a a testament to the resilience of animals, and their ability to live in the moment, no matter what they may have encountered in their past. Click here to read all three articles in the series.

Tortoiseshell Cat is a Diabetic Alert Cat


You’ve probably heard of diabetic alert dogs. These dogs are trained to monitor smells in the air for a specific scent on the human breath that is indicative of rapidly dropping or low blood sugar levels, and to alert the diabetic person. Goldie, a 6-year-old tortoiseshell cat who resides in Maine, has been performing this life-saving service for her human dad. What’s truly remarkable is that nobody trained Goldie to do this. Click here to read the full story.

Who Will Care for Your Cats if You Can’t Get Home in an Emergency?


In the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Orlando, the lives of the families of the 49 victims who were killed, and the more than 50 who were injured, will never be the same. But there’s another set of lives that was also affected by this tragedy: the lives of the pets whose humans will either never come home, or won’t come home for a very long time. The tragedy prompted me to write this post about how important it is to have a plan in place to provide for our cats’ care during unexpected emergencies. Click here to read the full article.

Cats and Guitars: Bill Hudson is Not Your Average Cat Guy


I love busting stereotypes when it comes to cats and the humans who love them. Cat lovers come from all sorts of backgrounds, and there’s no such thing as a typical cat person. We do ourselves, and cats, a huge disservice by insisting on perpetuating stereotypes. Earlier this year, I introduced you to Bill Hudson, who is anything but a typical cat guy. Heavily tattooed, with multiple piercings, this heavy metal guitarist, songwriter and guitar teacher looks every inch the tough guy – but Bill has a soft spot not just for cats, but all animals. Click here to read the full story.

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  1. Thanks for all you do, Ingrid. The world is a better place because you and Allegra and Ruby are in it. Can’t imagine a life without this blog and you three. Happy New Year, the happiest.

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