Month: December 2016

How to Help Homeless Cats During the Holidays


In an ideal world, every cat would have a home where she’s cared for and loved forever. The sad reality is that millions of cat don’t. Municipal shelters and private rescue groups are working hard every day to find homes for these cats, but most work with limited resources, and there’s only so much they can do. The holiday season is a time for giving, and there are ways you can help homeless cats even if you’re not in a position to adopt right now.Continue Reading

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Review: Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship


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The bond between cats and women has been written about at length, as has the bond between a man and his dog. But what about men who love cats? In Men With Cats: Intimate Portraits of Feline Friendship, photographer David Williams celebrates the connection between men and cats.Continue Reading

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Foraging Puzzle Toys Bring out the Hunter in Your Cat


Foraging toys, also knows as food puzzles or puzzle toys, are a great way to engage cats’ senses by bringing out their natural hunting instinct. I love the concept behind these toys, but for obvious reasons, they can’t be used with canned or raw food. I am a firm advocate that cats should never eat dry food, but you can still take advantage of these toys by using freeze dried treats instead of dry food. And while I don’t recommend feeding a lot of fish based food or treats, tuna flakes work well for these toys, since you only need a very small amount to satisfy your little hunter.Continue Reading

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KATRIS Wall Mountable Modular Cat Shelves: 2023 Review


I’ve long been a fan of KATRIS modular cat furniture. KATRIS is a system of cardboard shapes that you can arrange in endless configurations. Remember the computer game Tetris? You get the idea. KATRIS uses super dense paper for the construction of these sturdy pieces, and they also offer covers in multiple colors so you can make Katris part of your home decor.

We reviewed the original Katris system two years ago, and we reviewed KATRIS Lynks, two pieces that can function as standalone scratchers or be added to the existing blocks or furniture, earlier this year. Continue Reading

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Kitty Cat Condo Reviews: The New Wave of Feline Furniture (With Pictures)


I first saw Kitty Cat Condos at Global Pet Expo in Orlando in March. These stunning cat condos were hard to miss, even in an exhibit hall the size of five football fields filled with pet products. Created by Robert Lang, a cat lover from Australia who refused to buy low quality and unappealing cat furniture, these unique Kitty Cat Walls are custom built to create an indoor paradise for your feline family members.Continue Reading

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Recognizing the 5 Common Signs of Diabetes in Cats

Cat's owner while measuring the blood sugar values of his cat

Cats can develop diabetes just as humans can, and the treatment and management of the condition are very similar. Treatment may include dietary changes, adequate exercise and insulin.

Feline diabetes mellitus is more common than most people realize. It is thought that the condition is becoming more prevalent in cats due to factors such as diet and low activity levels. Male, neutered cats are at increased risk, as are cats who are overweight or obese. Age and underlying health issues may also be components in the development of diabetes. Because cats often mask illness quite well, being aware of the signs of this disease is important.Continue Reading

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Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats (2023 Review)


Cats and boxes: we all know the fascination is endless. How many times have you bought what you thought was a really cool cat toy or cat tree for your cats, only to find that they love the box it came in much more than the actual item? Cat Castles: 20 Cardboard Habitats You Can Build Yourself offers step-by-step instructions to turn boxes and cardboard into a variety of cat houses and play spaces your cats will love.Continue Reading

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