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Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat in their diet to thrive. Their systems aren’t designed to digest carbohydrates. A raw diet is one of the best ways to fulfill cats’ nutritional requirements. There are numerous benefits from feeding a raw diet to your cat, including improved digestion, reduced stool odor and volume, increased energy, ability to maintain ideal weight, better dental health, and better urinary tract health.

Embraced for decades by holistically oriented pet parents and holistic veterinarians, raw feeding is becoming more mainstream as pet parents look for alternatives to feeding highly processed commercial pet foods.

Raw feeding is easy

Raw feeding does not have to be complicated. You do not need to grind your own meat and bones, measure out supplements, and figure out how to make a balanced diet for your little carnivore. There are plenty of commercial raw diets on the market, ranging from frozen to freeze-dried. Unfortunately, as the market is becoming more crowded, some manufacturers are cutting corners and adding more vegetables to their formulas to cut costs. You can find the brands I recommend here.

Balanced Blends Raw Pet Food

Balanced Blends is a Boulder Colorado based company, founded by enthusiastic pet parents with a distinct curiosity and interest in pet nutrition. Initially, the three founders each prepared raw foods at home for their four-legged family members. They wanted to create a commercially available complete and balanced raw diet for cats and dogs that would help make raw feeding easy for pet parents’ busy schedules. Working with veterinarians and a PhD nutritionist, they created Balanced Blends.

When I took a look around their website, I was impressed both by what’s in the food, and what’s not.

Balanced Blends Raw Beef Dinner for Cats

Balanced Blends uses high quality ingredients, sourced in the US, from cage free chickens and grass fed cattle. All Balanced Blends formulas

  • are antibiotic free
  • are USDA inspected and approved
  • do not contain added hormones
  • contain balanced fat with optimal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio and low linoleic acid
  • contain an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio
  • do not contain produce (only the dog formulas contain produce)

Balanced Blends uses extensive safety procedures during the manufacturing process, including HPP processing (high pressure pasteurization) during the final packaging process. While some raw feeders feel that HPP processing alters the quality of the food to the point where it can no longer be considered raw, I think it’s an effective way to eliminate potential pathogens that only minimally affects the integrity of the final product. I feel that HPP provides added peace of mind, especially for those new to raw feeding.

Balanced Blends Raw Chicken Dinner for Cats

Putting Balanced Blends to the test

Balanced Blends for cats comes in beef and chicken varieties. Allegra and Ruby only eat poultry flavors, so we tried the chicken dinner. It came in a 5 pound bag, packaged in convenient 8 ounce pouches. This is perfect for us, since it’s exactly one day’s worth of food for the girls.

The girls loved the food, even Ruby, who is not a big chicken fan (she prefers turkey.)

Convenient Starter Pack

Balanced Blends offers a convenient starter pack for new customers to try their products with a lower initial order amount.

Cat Starter Pack (free shipping + no minimum order)  *new customer only*
$14 for 2 lbs of Raw Chicken Dinner
$16 for 2 lbs of Raw Beef Dinner

This is an incredible deal! Visit to learn more.

For more information about Balanced Blends, please visit their website.

Stay tuned for more information about the contest right here on The Conscious Cat.

FTC Disclosure: I received these products for review at no charge. I also received a fee to feature these products. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

28 Comments on Balanced Blends Raw Cat Food: Better Nutrition for Your Cats, Better Convenience For You

  1. Hi.. I am looking into raw foods out of my concern re commercial pet foods.

    I do have one concern since you show eggs in one of your cat food recipes in the photo. I am aware that raw egg white has avedin in it, which is said to make it more difficult for the cat to absorb some nutrient.. I think it was a b vitamin. Are you using raw egg whites in the formula?

  2. I ran out of my Balanced Blends for my cat (it is on its way), so I had to buy rad Cat from a local pet food store. My cat went crazy for the Rad Cat, and even though she will eat the Balanced Blend, sometimes she eats her prescription canned food instead. When I gave her Rad Cat, she ate it up IMMEDIATELY, and has done so with every plate of food I put down for her – even with her Gabapentin (spelling may be off) hidden inside of it.

    The Balanced Blend chicken looks “better” than the Rad Cat, but I love how she gobbles up the Rad Cat. Again, she eats the Balanced Blend, just not as crazy about it as she is with the Rad Cat.

    Is Rad Cat “comparable” to Balanced Blends, or am I missing something huge here?

    • Hi Carol,

      Yik here from Balanced Blends =).

      We think that RadCat is good food and that the difference between our foods, strictly regarding palatability, is likely texture. They have gelatin and dulse (a red-algae that is not related to carrageenan) in their blends. We have dulse in our yet to be released turkey (coming soon). But the gelatin may have an appealing effect (texture), apart from whatever nutrient purpose it serves.

      So basically we believe that it is more of a preference thing for cats to be more excited of one food over the other. We have also heard of cats who preferred our food over RadCat.

  3. Hello! Do you know if the “Consciouscat” coupon code for Balanced Blends is still valid? I was interested in placing a trial order but the code didn’t work.

  4. I am thinking about trying this raw food diet for Hobbes, my 14 year old cat. However, my concern is – does it have all of the nutrients and minerals needed for cats, and does it require any grinding or cooking on my part?

    These questions may seem silly, but I recently lost one of my cats because of false advertising from cat food products (commercial), so I am VERY, VERY, VERY skittish.

    I am hoping she will start eating raw food – as long as this food is legit and SAFE for her.

    Thank you….

    • Hi Carol,

      Sorry to hear about your cat.

      I just emailed you back with the answers to your questions =).

      Our food has all the nutrients and minerals for both kittens and adult cats and we also take food safety very seriously.

      Please let us know if you have further questions.


  5. I received my trial order today, and the chicken looks super fresh compared with Rad Cat. It’s cold in Oregon and it was still frozen. The dry ice had melted, however.

  6. I ordered the trial chicken, and I’m happy to see that bone fragments won’t be an issue. My cats eat Rad Cat turkey, so I’m hoping this company will add turkey soon. My boys have food allergies. The one who loves raw can’t eat it because of the egg yokes. We have to travel 150 miles roundtrip each month to pick up the Rad Cat, and I’ve had problems recently with the pet stores making mistakes on my orders. This past week I placed an order to pick up on Dec. 3rd, but the pet store lost it. One cat can only eat raw, and I can’t afford that to happen. Ordering from Balanced Blends would be much easier!

    • Depending on where you live it might be easier for you to order Rad Cat from Only Natural Pet. I order from them because the only places I can buy it from locally overcharge by a LOT. Even with shipping its cheaper than buying it locally, for me.

  7. I don’t see on the website how the food arrives. Is it packed to keep at proper temperature if one isn’t home to receive the package? I work full time and worry about fresh food being left on my porch an entire day.

    • Hi Laurie,

      Yes, we do pack it with dry ice so the food will remain frozen in the cooler during its transit to you.

      It will not be a problem sitting out all day until you get back from work as long as you get to it the same day =).

      Feel free to reach us here or at if you have any other questions for us.


    • It arrives frozen and packed on dry ice, so you don’t need to worry about it being left on your porch until you get home. It will still be frozen solid.

    • Hi Kelley,

      My name is Yik and I am with Balanced Blends. Our starter pack is limited to new customer only and is limited to only 1 per customer.

      We do offer free shipping for orders 20 lbs or more and a flat $15 shipping fee for orders for 10 lbs and 15 lbs =)

      Feel free to reach us here or at if you have any other questions for us.


    • Hi Ashley,

      We are aware of the “large bone pieces” issue among raw cat food and have been paying attention to the bone sizes in our food. We were able to grind them down pretty well on our earlier batches but had issue with a recent batch to get the bones down consistently with our equipment. We ended up not releasing this batch.

      To solve the issue, we changed our calcium source from bones to bone meal (human grade) for consistency.

      Feel free to reach us here or at if you have any other questions for us =)


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