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On Tuesday, we introduced you to the fun new packaging for the Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers from Kool Kitty Toys: the Kool Kitty Hotel. These super fun boxes double as napping spot, hiding place, and kitty jungle gym. Simply cut openings along pre-marked lines on the box, and voilà: in addition to the scratcher inside the box, you also get a toy that will provide endless fun for your cats!


The Furniture Protector Scratchers inside the box are patent-pending cat scratchers designed to protect furniture from being damaged as a result of instinctual cat clawing. The scratcher can be positioned under the leg of a chair, couch, table, or other household furniture to protect it from being damaged.


The scratchers come in a sisal and carpeted version. The sisal version features a removable lid, allowing you to freely add catnip into the cylinder. As an added bonus, the lid also doubles as a beverage holder. The carpeted version features pockets of catnip to attract cats to the scratcher. Every scratcher is double bonded with glue and staples. You can choose from a variety of material colors. Other features and options will be considered.

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75 Comments on Giveaway: Kool Kitty Toys Furniture Protector Scratcher in New Kitty Hotel Packaging

  1. I have huge respect for your blog and follow it with great pleasure, and I have a strong request : Please consider not offering the fluffy cat posts in future. This comment section (“sisal-sisal-sisal”) backs up my experience, & the experience of so many of my friends & family: the fluffy carpet-covered scratchers just don’t appeal to most cats, so they don’t work. Cats prefer rough surfaces. sisal-covered, catnip-infused, extremely sturdy, and some cats need horizontal as well as vertical scratchers because it helps them to keep their spines healthy. Pick companies need to stop making and selling the fluffy posts, and consumers need to be educated by veterinarians and pet companies. When a cat is offered a fluffy scratching post and scratches the furniture instead … an unschooled owner is likely to blame the cat before they blame the scratching post -and then out goes the cat. Or it’s subjected to declawing. (Shudder). You have a voice people listen to. Please consider dropping the fluffy posts from future giveaways and educating your audience about their ineffectiveness.

    • I respectfully disagree, Corinna. Carpeted scratchers are just as effective as sisal scratchers. Cats are individuals, and they have different preferences when it comes to scratching. While many cats prefer sisal, others prefer carpet. It’s why I recommend offering a variety of substrates until a cat guardian knows his or her cat’s preference.

    • We have met and fostered a few kitties that do prefer carpet over sisal scratchers. My husband (owner of Kool Kitty Toys and creator of this product) initially only had a sisal version but noticed a foster kitty of ours would instead using the sisal scratcher would go scratch the carpet of a cat tree in our home. So he did a carpet version and sure enough kitty started to immediately use it. This is why bother are offered. We also do have horizontal and vertical vertical scratchers. This specific product was designed to help pet parents protect their couch or Loveseat and such. We hope that by offering this product will be a good alternative rather than people declawing (toe amputation) their cats. Many people have their cats toes amputated because they fear the cats will scratch up their furniture.

  2. I think my kitties would love the sisal version! Thanks for giving my 3 kitties a chance to win! Love from Angel, Kensey & Sammy, we sent our sweet Mario to the Bridge in May, we miss him so much!

  3. I would pick the sisal version because I love that it has dual purpose I love that it has a cup holder thanks for the chance to win!

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