Every fall, Ruby becomes fascinated with the dried up leaves blowing up on our deck. They’re a source of endless entertainment for her, as you can see in the video below. She spends hours sitting by the sliding glass doors watching them blow by. 

Ruby: Allegra, look! Look at all these creatures out there! They’re running and jumping all over the deck! Help me catch them! Wee!!!!

Allegra: rolls eyes. They’re just leaves, Ruby.

Ruby: So? We’ve got to make sure they don’t come inside! We have to protect Mom!

Allegra: sighs.

Interestingly, Ruby shows absolutely no interest in the leaves when I bring a few inside for her.

9 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Leaves, Leaves Everywhere!

  1. This is excellent exercise for our furry friends, especially our senior cats (like my Courtney). Surprising how dry leaves just bring out the energetic side in them. It is so cute to watch!!!

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