I have a bit of a love hate relationship with fall: I enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn all around me, but I also can’t help but think about what comes afterwards. I’m a summer girl, as are Allegra and Ruby: we thrive on warm weather and sun light. Then again, my two beautiful girls remind me of everything that is beautiful about the season: nothing brings out the gorgeous colors in torties’ coats better than the light of autumn.

Autumn holds lessons about change, transitions and renewal for us. Rather than fighting the inevitability of change, why not allow the colors of autumn (and the beautiful colors in our cats’ coats) remind us to embrace change?

I previously wrote about the gifts of this beautiful season, and invite you to reread The Gifts of Autumn.

What do you love about autumn?

6 Comments on Conscious Cat Sunday: Autumn Reflections

  1. I ADORE everything about Autumn, from the colors of the trees (that last far too short), the usually cool, crisp days, the “comfort food”, football, the World Series, my birthday (hehehe)…….Halloween…I could go on and on!

  2. For me I love the colorful trees and much cooler weather. And I have to agree, it’s a wonderful time for reflecting on what’s truly important in ones life.

  3. So true the beauty of fall with bright red, orange and yellow trees gives us a warm feeling inside that we can enjoy this true beauty that surrounds us. It is a time of reflection of what matters the most.

  4. I love autumn and winter. The stillness of the season, the nice cool weather. I love grey and rainy days and I find bright sunny days a lot more difficult. So I guess I’m the opposite. But your reflections were very true and I’m going to try to appreciate the summer more. I love spring and the awakening of the garden, but summer heat and noise I dread. My sweet Bibi is very accepting when it comes to the seasons. She adjust herself to every type of weather, be it heat, or rain. She’s a great little teacher!

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