Kindness is a quality that I look for in everyone I form any kind of relationship with – it matters that much to me. Kindness to cats, and all animals, is the most important to me, but kindness to other human beings is a close second. One of my pet peeves: people who are unkind to waiters or other service personnel.

Research suggests that positive emotions help contribute to better physical and emotional health. And kindness shouldn’t just extend to others, it should also be directed at yourself. While common wisdom may suggest that being kind to yourself is selfish and weak, the opposite is true. When you are kind to yourself, you are taking better care of yourself.

Cats are naturally gifted at being kind to themselves. From finding the purrfect sun puddle to asking for affection when they want it, they know how to take care of their needs without apology. Perhaps we’d be wise to look to them for some guidance.

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5 Comments on Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Be Kind

  1. Random Acts of Kindness is a motto I’ve lived with for a coupe of years now. It’s easy. All you do is offer someone a hand or let them in line in front of you or just give them a compliment. Even the grumpiest people manage a smile when that happens. And I ask them to pass on the good deed. The world would be a happier place, if we could just remember to be kind.

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