In the late 1990s two women began feeding the stray cats and kittens of Hobe Sound, Florida. Next they enlisted local veterinarians to spay, neuter, and vaccinate them. When a nearly tragic event occurred to one very special cat, the women realized these animals needed a home—a sanctuary—where they could be loved and cared for. The result is Domino’s House, now located in Palm City, Florida. In Domino’s Journey, Janis Mullen offers a heart-touching account of one cat’s adventures and the creation of Domino’s House.

We first meet Domino as a newborn kitten, feeling safe with his mom and two siblings. Unfortunately, this happiness doesn’t last, and we follow the little tuxedo cat as he tries to survive on his own, never giving up hope that some day, he’ll find his forever home.

Written in Domino’s voice, and beautifully illustrated, this little volume will touch the hearts of children and adults alike.

Domino’s Journey is available from Amazon*.

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8 Comments on Review: Domino’s Journey

  1. This must be a great book, sounds like it has an emotional touch in the account of the brave little kitty’s journey and more importantly, his destination at the Domino’s House. The cover looks enticing too. I can’t wait to lay my hands on my own copy to get every detail of the said ‘Domino’s journey’.

  2. This book was beautifully written and illustrated. A very must read for anyone who is interested in rescue and TNR work. Very inspiring.

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