August 22 has been designated as National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, and while it may not be your cat’s favorite “holiday,” it’s an important day designed to raise awareness about the importance of regular veterinary check ups for cats.

83% of cats are taken to the vet during the first year after they’re adopted, yet over half of them never return for subsequent wellness visit. Given that cats age more rapidly than humans and are masters at masking illness, these statistics are worrisome.

If your cat is overdue for her check up, today is the purrfect day to make an appointment.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners is offering a wealth of resources to help you prepare for your cat’s next check up, ranging from reasons why check ups are so important to how to reduce the stress of a vet visit for both your cat and yourself. You can find more information on their website and Facebook page.

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8 Comments on National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

  1. Greetings,

    Last Friday I made my second visit to my VET this time with Skittles (last trip it was with Sierra) Skittles is my oldest she’s 8, so while my doctor does a good exam on all my cats I asked him to be extra through on Skittles, Last year she had dental surgery to remove some teeth, so I wanted to make sure all was well, I’m happy to report that she’s in excellent health, she is more easy going at the VET she explores the exam room and really loved being held by the Technician who assisted the doctor. My other four won’t be due till January/February of next year, While I’m a big proponent of check ups, it’s easy to get off schedule with finances, work, and just life itself. So it’s good to have these events to remind us humans to take care of our furrends.

  2. a most IMPORTANT day for sure!!!! I LOVED your comment about “being an evolved human” and knowing when Cody outsmarted me for HIS trip to the vet! You are sooooo right about him “outsmarting” me for sure!

  3. I have to wait that we were lax this year but I’ve scheduled visits for this fall. Of our four fuzz balls two are problematic. Moses, my passive siamese mix, goes for blood at the vets office. While wants to maim them my kitten hasn’t been in because of her shape. She eats everything in sight and the vet will yell at us. That being said, she’s slated for shots in a few weeks.

  4. Thank you for the important reminder. Both of my babies go to the vet regularly for wellness exams. I hope this post reminds other kitty owners to do the same for their babies.

  5. Ingrid,
    I take one cat per month (I have 12 — all adopted/rescued) for a wellness check-up. If anything comes up between check-ups, I attend to that immediately. My vet takes great care of my *kids*, and he is very happy overall with all of them. He tells me that I am doing a great job with my kitties! ♥♥♥

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