H3 Essentials, a family-owned pet supplement company, partnered with Chris Poole, Cole and Marmalade‘s human, to create a new line of cat treats designed to bring awareness to Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary in Florida that is home to big cats who have been abused, abandoned or orphaned.

These single ingredient treats are available in rabbit, minnows, ahi tuna and chicken. They’re all-natural, grain and gluten-free and 100 percent made in the USA.

The story behind the treats

The idea for the “Little Cats Helping Big Cats” campaign was inspired by the 12-year-old son of co-creator Steve Watters, during a recent family trip to Big Cat Rescue, when the son asked his dad what they could do to directly help the exotic cats at the sanctuary.

“We wanted to do something bigger than just make a donation. We wanted to help other cat lovers make a difference too,” explained Watters. “People lead busy lives and it can be hard to set aside time to give back. By developing this new line of cat treats, we are making it easy for people to help these beautiful exotic cats.”

Allegra and Ruby review the treats

We were sent a sample of the chicken treats, so why don’t I let Allegra and Ruby share their thoughts about them.

Ruby: Allegra, look! Mom has a new bag of treats for us!

Allegra: I wonder whether I will like them?

Ruby: Allegra, you’re so picky when it comes to treats. They’re treats! What’s not to like?

After I put the treats down, both of the girls immediately went to sniff them. Predictably, Allegra walked away after a brief sniff. She’s not much of a treat girl, unless it’s human food. She does love cheese and yogurt. Ruby, on the other hand, started to eat the treats right away.

Ruby: OMC, Allegra, these are so good!

Allegra: Meh. I just don’t get what the fuss about treats is all about. I hardly ever eat treats.

Ruby: That’s because you’re boring. Me, I’m a wild cat! I’m a BIG cat! That’s why I love these Big Cat treats!

Allegra: rolls eyes.

Ruby: Here me roar! Mom, listen! I’m roaring like a big cat! Can I have some more treats please? ROAR!!!


I love these treats because they’re everything I think a healthy treat should be: single ingredient, meat only, and made in the USA. And, as an extra bonus, a portion of all proceeds goes to help cats.

The treats retail for $7.99 a bag and are available only from H3 Essentials. The treats are also available at Pure Formulas online.

The video below shows Chris Poole, who used to work for Big Cat Rescue, sharing more information about the treats, along with some wonderful footage from Big Cat Rescue:

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. I also received a fee to feature this product. Receiving the free product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

9 Comments on Little Cats Helping Big Cats: New Line of Treats Supports Big Cat Rescue

  1. Wish you would also make can food, so we would have a brand we can trust! I’m in Canada and I love your site. I’m trying to find good “healthy” food for my 2 boys (that I can afford also) but it’s not easy. None of the ones you indicate in your article… ah… you should have a collaborator in Canada! Congratulation for your site, it’s wonderful!

    • Thank you for your kind words about my site, Monique. Can you order some of the brands I recommend from Amazon to be delivered in Canada?

  2. If you’re ever in Tampa, you MUST go visit Big Cat Rescue!!! I found it by accident when I was in town for the Women’s Final Four last year … looking for something to do on the day between games. I had to take a cab both ways to get there, but it was SO worth the cost. You’re up close and personal with many of the cats there and you get to hear their stories (many of which will bring tears to your eyes). If I lived anywhere near there, I would volunteer in a heartbeat. Such beautiful animals … and they have it good there, believe me (and after what they went thru, they all deserve their “retirement home”)

  3. It sounds like a great cause, especially since little cats evolved from… I’m sorry, sweet as they are, my fur babies lack the grace of large cats. They get sleepy, take a nap on something elevated, and just randomly falling off of things.

  4. Allergy and Ruby,

    My brother and I are picky treat eaters. So… we got Mom to get us a pack to try.

    Milo and Grayson

    PS We had Mom leave a comment.

  5. Ingrid< I had already heard about these from Cole & Marmalade. I already ordered some for my *kids*. Great cause to help as well! My *kids* do like them too!! ♥♥♥

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