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If your social media newsfeed is anything like mine, it’s filled with cat pictures, cat videos, and stories about cats. Okay, so every once in a while, other topics show up. But don’t you wish sometimes that you could just filter out all the celebrity break break-up stories, political rants, or pictures of everyone’s lunch?

Well, now you can.

With Catastic, a new social media app made just for cats and cat lovers, you can share photos and videos, and participate in forums discussing all things cat.

You’ve already got more apps than you have time for on your phone, so what makes Catastic unique? Catastic has a real community feel, and interesting content. Catastic app users are passionate and involved. The forum discussions feature helpful advice, interesting topics, and share-worthy cat moments. The photos and videos are all relevant to the cat community, and thus present a most satisfying scroll experience.

Catastic users love seeing and sharing posts relevant to their interest. Unlike larger social media networks, Catastic is all cats, only cats, all the time.


Catastic is very user friendly. The home page lets you scroll easily through all the cat content your heart desires. Like, comment, or zoom in your favorite photos. The camera function allows for easy upload of photos or videos at the touch of a button. And of course, you can customize your profile to show off your true feline nature. And of course, you can connect with other cat lovers, and their cats, in the cat community.

Whether you’re looking to follow some of your cat favorites, become the next famous internet cat, or join a discussion, all you have to do is download the app. It’s Smartphone purrfection.

To learn more about Catastic, and to download the app, visit

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9 Comments on Catastic: The App for Cat Lovers

  1. I had an catastic account since it started up. Always gave login problems or just kicked me out after a while of use. One day it just self destructed the app from my phone and I’ve never been able to download it again. Have a new phone now…and still no access. I dont even know my login details anymore 🙁 but still want to get back on. Any advise?! My profile is Felix Denzel. Don’t even know if it still exists

  2. Great idea that would be useful if the sign up process didn’t keep kicking me out without an explanation as to why. Doesn’t seem to want to accept my username as luckylittlekitten.

    Just gives me a ‘whoops there seem to be a problem’ error page and kicks me out.

    Anyone else having this problem ?

    • Sorry – Figured this out. Despite me initially being kicked out of the sign up process with error messages, the CatasticApp sign up process did recognise and register my sign up information and chosen username/password etc but failed to give any adequate confirmation that it had been accepted. All sorted now and I have started to complete my profile. Some really great posts already on the forum.

  3. Interesting concept. Like you said, cats are huge on the internet and we can’t get enough of them. If the developers are reading the comments, may I suggest they include a way to incorporate your current social media feeds about cat into future versions?

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