I believe that every single person in your life is your mirror to some extent. Others reflect back aspects of our own consciousness to us, giving us an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, and ultimately, to grow. Sometimes, that reflection may come from someone we admire. Other times, it may come from someone who aggravates us and pushes all our buttons.

And just like humans, cats can also be a mirror for us. This may be especially true for the “less than purrfect” members of our feline family: the cats with behavioral challenges, or the cats that sometimes drive us just a little crazy, no matter how much we love them.

Is your cat a mirror of yourself?

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4 Comments on Sunday Purrs of Wisdom: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  1. Just ran across this post. Of course, my cats are just like me: laid back and mellow and, I’m not proud of this: we’re all couch potatoes. When the vet said my 9 year old Chelsea could lose 5 pounds, I thought “couldn’t we all?”

  2. My husband used to say me and my cat Nani were just alike. He said we were both moody and didn’t like to be around a bunch of people.

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