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On Tuesday, we introduced you to the SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl, an innovative motion activated feeder that keeps food fresh longer. This feeder offers a perfect solution for single-cat homes or those that do not require separate food bowls.

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For more information about The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl and to purchase, please visit the SureFlap website.

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62 Comments on Giveaway: SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

  1. My cat Gerty grazes through out the evening. I feed her exclusively wet canned food which means I get woken up a lot for her midnight snacks. This would be a great solution for us.

  2. Both of our cats are nibblers. They eat a little and leave the rest for later. It makes it hard to give them canned or fresh food, since that dries out quickly if left out. Kibble isn’t a problem, but soft food is. This would keep their food moist for longer.

  3. This sounds ideal for our situation. My cat is a grazer, and we’ve been trying to change her over to canned food. The problem we’ve had is with the smell and the food drying out. This seems like the perfect solution all around.

  4. This would work out well in my multi-cat household! I have to watch them while they eat so I know everybody’s getting the proper nutrition.

  5. When you have three dogs and you cat is on $75 for 14 lbs. of prescription cat food you desperately need a SureFlap food bowl! Thanks for the chance!

  6. I have a cat the loves to finish his sister’s food. It would be great to let her eat on her own terms and not have me worry about her not getting enough food and him too much!

  7. We wild kitties love having real cat food instead of catching our own, but our human mom hates all the flies it attracks. Could you help us out? We would love to make her happy after all she does for us, especially when we don’t even let her pet us.

  8. I have the SureFlap as the local cats like to come in to pinch my cats food which works great in the winter. But in the summer when I have the door open one particular cat just strolls in for a free feed lol

  9. Sometimes small ants have gotten in their food and I don’t see it immediately. So this would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. This would be great for my mom’s cats they tend to leave food for alter in the day and it dries out.

  11. Would love to win as my cat likes to eat throughout the day, this would mean food would not spoil as easily

  12. One of our cats is overweight controlled feeding is something he could benefit from. Keeping the cats food moist and fresh for a longer time is a bonus.

  13. I would love to win this for my cat Penny who is getting older. I’m adamant about keeping her food fresh and soft and winning this would help so much!

  14. I have a special needs cat who needs to eat wet food more often with medication in it. This would keep it away from the other cats!

  15. This would be ideal for my girl, Pacha, who has just been diagnosed with CKD. Special diet for her now so keeping her food fresh and moist will encourage her to eat it and stay healthy as she can be a fussy madam

  16. I would love this for my cat with small intestine disease (IBD) for a few reasons. First, he is very picky and only wants fresh food and I would like him to be able to eat through out the day when I am not home since it is very important that he eats as much as I can get him to right now, but I cannot leave food out because I have other cats that are not on the same diet that he is.

  17. I would like to win it firstly as my mums dog tries to steal my cats food (naughty pup pup!) and secondly as my cat is a grazer and I worry about his food staying fresh.

  18. This is a great idea! One of our kitties is a very slow eater- so this would be perfect for him since he goes back frequently to his food- (he eats better when he can wait a little while to continue eating-) since he is a geriatric kitty with several medical conditions.

  19. Willow always licks the gravy off of wet food first then goes back later for the rest which has usually dried up this would be perfect

  20. I consistently read that kibble food is called ‘kitty crack’ yet you show a product that is a bowl full of kitty crack. Is it or is it not better to feed either meat-based protein canned food, or raw?

  21. After their first initial feed in the morning, our boys tend to graze the rest of the day on their dry food. This would be wonderful since it would not only keep the food fresh but also keep the food from being knocked out of the bowl.

  22. I have one of these that reads your pet’s microchip to open and it’s AMAZING. I have the perfect need for one like this with another pet.

  23. My cats like to graze all day, and this bowl would keep their food fresh all day. I love the idea, and I think they would love it as well. Who wants to eat stale food? No one!

  24. I like to leave food out for Thunder when I go to work, and he often complains it wasn’t fresh enough to eat after it sat for a few hours. This might help.

  25. My kitty could really use this bowl, she leaves small amount of wet food and it would eliminate it from drying out so fast so when she goes back she would eat what she left 10 minutes ago. It would help me save money and not waste cat food. I’m disabled and on a fixed income.

  26. Wet food tends to dry out very quickly and this sounds like a great solution for my kitties that like to nibble a bit, play a bit, and nibble a bit. Thanks!

  27. I work long hours and when my husband’s job takes him traveling, that means that our cat gets her big meal when I leave in the morning. This will keep it moist for later in the day if our cat needs it.

  28. I would love one of these feeders for my two cats as they tend to leave food in their bowls once they’ve had their fill. I won’t let them eat stale food so throw a lot away. These feeders would hopefully eliminate this xx

  29. My cat always leaves tiny scraps of dried up wet food and this would really help keep her meals moist for a longer amount of time.

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