Month: May 2016

SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl Keeps Your Cat’s Food Fresh


Do you have a slow eater who prefers to eat her meal over a period of several hours rather than inhale it all at once? Would you like to be able to leave canned food out for your cats while you’re not home? With the new Sealed Pet Bowl from SureFeed, you can.

The bowl features a motion-activated lid. Unlike SureFeeds Microchip Feeder, which is designed to solve feeding problems in multi-cat homes, this feeder does not require a microchip or collar tag to operate it. The feeder is powered by 4 C cell batteries (not included.) It keeps food moist for more than 12 hours.*Continue Reading

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Review and Interview With Rita Mae Brown


I have been a fan of the Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown (co-written with her cat Sneaky Pie,) featuring tabby cat Mrs. Murphy and her friends Tee Tucker the Corgi and Pewter, a rotund grey kitty who is sensitive about her weight since the first book in the series came out in 1991. 25 years later, the series is still going strong.Continue Reading

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Allegra and Ruby’s 5 Current Favorite Cat Toys

5 favorites cover

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If there was a Guinness World Record for “Most Spoiled Cat,” I’m sure Allegra and Ruby would be in the running to win that title. Between the toys we get for product reviews and the toys that I buy them (yes, I still buy them toys – did I mention that they’re spoiled?), there’s never a shortage of toys here. But as we all know, cats get easily bored with toys, so I tend to rotate toys in and out quite a bit. It always amazes me how a previously ignored toy  becomes a new favorite after it’s been hidden for a couple of weeks.

But among all of their toys, there are five that have been consistent favorites, even though they are never put away. I thought I’d let Allegra and Ruby introduce them to you.Continue Reading

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AAFP Releases New Guidelines for Management of Feline Hyperthyroidism


Hyperthyroidism is a common disease that typically affects middle-aged and older cats.  It is caused by an excess production of thyroid hormones, which are produced by the thyroid gland, located inside the cat’s neck. Thyroid hormones affect nearly all organs, which is why thyroid disease can sometimes cause secondary problems such as hypertension, heart and kidney disease.Continue Reading

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Review: Breaking Cat News

Breaking Cat News

Move over, Anderson Cooper! CNN has got nothing on the three adorable house cats reporting the news in Breaking Cat News: Cats Reporting on the News that Matters to Cats. Created by author and illustrator Georgia Dunn, and based on the lives of her real life cats Elvis, Lupin and Puck, these kitties deliver hard-hitting news coverage on topics such asContinue Reading

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Hide & Sneak Paper Bag Cat Tunnel by Dezi & Roo (2023 Review)


Sometimes, the best toys are the simplest ones, and what cat doesn’t like paper bags? The folks at Dezi & Roo have taken this concept just a little further and created the Hide and Sneak Paper Tunnel.

This expandable tunnel made from the same material as brown paper bags will provide hours of entertainment and fun for your cats.Continue Reading

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Catalyst Connection: Forever Homes and Forever Health for Cats


An innovative new program from the Catalyst Council brings veterinarians, shelters and rescue organizations together to facilitate finding forever homes for cats and keeping cats healthy once they are in their new homes.

Veterinarians and rescue organizations often operate independently, and each face their own, unique challenges – often to the detriment of the very animals they’re trying to help. Catalyst Council is working on fostering effective partnerships between these organizations.Continue Reading

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Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style Now Shipping from Amazon


What are the odds that both of my new books started shipping from Amazon prior to their official publication date! Tortitude: The BIG Book of Cats With a BIG Attitude was supposed to be released February 5, but Amazon started shipping the books on December 26. Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style was supposed to be released on June 5, but Amazon started shipping copies on Friday!

If you pre-ordered Purrs of Wisdom, you should receive your copy any day now. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can order the book now! The Kindle version of the book will be available shortly.

Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment Feline Style is also shipping from Barnes and Noble. The book will be in stores on June 5.

In Purrs of Wisdom: Enlightenment, Feline Style, I explore our relationships with cats by offering insights into how cats can inspire, soothe and even help heal us. Based on the Conscious Cat Sunday column on this site, Purrs of Wisdom celebrates all our relationships, feline, human or otherwise. This beautifully designed book will also feature lots of gorgeous cat photos.Continue Reading

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Mews and Nips: World’s Oldest Living Cat Is 30-Year-Old Scooter


The Guinness World Record for “oldest living cat” seems to keep falling faster than any other. Just this March, a 26-year-old cat held the record. This week, the record went to Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese from Mansfield, TX. Gail Floyd was present when Scooter was born, and he has been by her side ever since. He is an active cat who has been to 45 of the 50 US states and often visits Gail’s mom in a nursing home. For more about Scooter, please visit

Update: The Associated Press reported this morning that Scooter had died by the time Guinness conferred its title on April 8. Scooter celebrated his 30th birthday on March 26.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap:Continue Reading

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Review: Lawyer for the Cat


Romance, mystery, and a black cat – I had a feeling I was going to like Lawyer for the Cat a lot. Set in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina, this book features 50-something year-old Sally Baynard, an attorney who has is asked to represent a cat who is the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar trust and a plantation.Continue Reading

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Moody Kittens 4-in-1 Cat Sticky Notes


How did we ever survive without sticky notes? Maybe I’m dating myself with that comment since I still remember the days before post it notes, but I know I couldn’t function without them. Even in this day of electronic reminders, nothing works as well for me as a well-placed sticky note. And what would be more fun than cat-themed sticky notes?

Moody Kittens 4-in-1 Cat Sticky Notes are more than just post it notes. They can be used as sticky notes, but also as bookmarks, flip-book animation and even coloring notes. The coloring design is at the back of each note.Continue Reading

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