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Cats love window perches. From napping to sunbathing to front and back yard watching, window perches are a great way to keep kitty entertained with an ever changing “Cat TV” program. Window perches come in all sorts of shapes and forms.

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to one of the most gorgeous pieces of cat (and dog) furniture I’ve seen in a while: the Lacey’s Lookout™ Window Seat from The Savvy Pet. This patent pending design is not only beautiful, it’s about as functional as a piece of cat furniture can get.

Eco-friendly design with attention to every little detail

Lacey’s Lookout™ comes in 3 sizes, 2 bed styles, 4 bed colors and 3 furniture finishes, and is manufactured in the US. The small size comes with a rectangle pillow bed. The medium and large sizes come with either a rectangle pillow bed or a bolster couch.


Washable cushion cover

The microvelvet cover is soft, yet durable, and is machine washable. The polyester micro-suede fabric is abrasion tested to 100,000 double rubs. It really is one of the most perfect fabrics to cover a pet bed. In between washings, clean-up is easy by spot-cleaning or by vacuuming. The cushiony polyfill is made of recycled soda bottles, so it’s eco-friendly. This particular polyfill is manufactured to be thicker and springier than traditional polyfilt and will keep its plush springiness for much longer than traditional polyfill. The polyfill can be spot-cleaned, but not machine washed. You can put it in the dryer to fluff it up as needed.

Environmentally friendly wood

The furniture is made of real wood and comes in 2 beautiful finishes – a natural wood color with a clear finish or an espresso color. You can also paint the unfinished version yourself to match your decor. The wood is imported Baltic plywood that is commonly used in school products, children’s furniture and commercial seating because of its high quality, strength, and multiple laminations. It is compliant with the California Air Resources Board requirements for low formaldehyde. The finish for the natural clear and espresso colors is a US-manufactured waterless acrylic lacquer and complies with the guidelines for children’s toys for lead and seven other heavy metals.


Lacey’s Lookout™ comes with a large step with a non-skid carpeted surface that is attached with screws rather than glue for easy cleaning. While most cats will be able to jump on top of the window seat without the step, it’s a great addition for older, arthritic cats. The window seat can be set up without the step.

For more information about the Lacey’s Lookout™ Window Seat, please visit The Savvy Pet.

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14 Comments on Lacey’s Lookout™ Window Seat: The Ultimate Cat TV Lounger

  1. They all look great, but I think I would like the honey colored one the best. I have a calico, so her hair would blend in better with that color.

  2. This is beautiful. My cats would love sitting on this comfy pillow while looking out the window. I am redoing a room for them and the Navy would look wonderful in the room!

  3. My elderly cats would love this! I believe they would like the honey color of the
    Lacey’s Lookout Window Seat.

  4. This is the perfect furniture. It is beautiful and appears to also accommodate senior cats who might not be able to jump up to perch by the window. I love the plush cushions

  5. That sure is a beautiful piece of furniture! I don’t know how well it would sell in Sweden, but I would definitely be interested in buying one.

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