Last week, we reviewed the Abby Pet Hut cat bed from Urban Paws, and the post turned out to be so popular, I thought I’d share a few more of our favorite beds from this company.

I love the philosophy behind Urban Paw. Their tag line is “pet products that care.” Headed by a mother and son team, Urban Paw’s mission is to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them. In addition to creating comfortable and stylish products for pets, they also strive to to lessen the environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people and pets. This includes finding alternative materials for their products, such as soy-based rather than petroleum based foam, which reduces toxic emissions and makes them safer to use.

Urban Paw also wants to help with reducing the number of homeless pets – 10% of all profits generated by Urban Paw are donated to this effort.

The Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler


The Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler is a super cozy sherpa covered bed that I wanted to curl up in myself. It features a high back wall with extra filling for additonal support and lower front walls for head and neck support, and it is overstuffed for additional comfort.The bottom is made from a dirt and water-resistant oxford cloth. The entire product is washer and dryer safe. The Luna Orthocomfort Cuddler comes in several different colors.

The Milo 2-in-1 Pet House


The Milo 2-in-1 Pet House is a very cleverly designed product that can be a little pet house, but can also be converted into a super soft bed: you simply push down the top, or pop it back out. It has a removable insert that makes spot cleaning easy. The entire pet house is washer and dryer safe. The Milo 2-in-1 Pet House comes in several different colors.

The Coco Cuddler


The Coco Cuddler’s circular shape hugs your cat from every side, so it’s ideal for cats who like to curl up. The overstuffed walls allow your cat to tuck in and feel secure. The bed comes with a reversible insert with a plush side for warmth and fabric side to stay cool. The faux fur interior mimics a mother’s fur, encouraging deeper sleep. The oxford cloth backing resists dirt and water. The Coco Cuddler is washer and dryer safe and comes in several different sizes and colors.

The Buddy Cuddler


The Buddy Cuddler’s rectangular shape is suitable for both tucking in and laying out. The overstuffed walls will make kitty feel secure. It comes with a reversible insert with a plush side for warmth and a suede side to stay cool. The tough oxford cloth backing resists dirt and water.The Buddy Cuddler is washer and dryer friendly and comes in several different colors, patterns and sizes.

The Abby Pet Hut


The Abby Pet Hut is not only totally cute, it is also extremely versatile. Made from super soft plush fabric in a gorgeous grey lynx pattern, it comes with a reversible insert with a plush side, and a cooler fabric side. The removable insert can double as a pet mat. The tough oxford backing reists dirt and water. I like the wide opening: it makes cats feel secure without feeling like they can’t see what’s around them. All Urban Paw beds are washer and dryer friendly. The Abbut Pet Hut comes in several different colors and designs.

Special 15% discount for Conscious Cat readers
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10% of all profits purchased with this code will be donated to
Best Friends Animal Society

Urban Paw is offering a 15% discount to Conscious Cat readers on all of their beds, AND they will be donating 10% of all sales to Best Friends Animal Society.

For more information and to purchase, please visit

FTC Disclosure: I am an affiliate partner of Urban Paw, which means that I get a small commission on each bed purchased with the discount code. We only spread the word about products and services we’ve either used or would use ourselves.


7 Comments on Cozy Cat Beds From a Company That Cares – Special Discount for Conscious Cat Readers

  1. The only bed my two like is my bed. Can’t tell you how many cat beds I’ve brought home over the years, only to return them the next day because they both ignored the beds. Now that I’m in a much smaller space, it’s OK with me that we all just share my bed although I love these, especially the pink one.

  2. Before you promote the “Coco Cuddler” I would try it out first. I had 4 of these that went into the garbage because they fall apart, my cat was trying to ingest the pieces. I think they are dangerous if this stuff gets caught up in their digestive system.

      • No, I did not contact them. Past experience with stuff like this has been to return them at my time, my expense and just excuses as to why it happened, and nothing done. I was just thankful that my kitties did not get harmed by the strings and pieces I caught them ingesting and/or from the exposed filling. Even though it cost me financially, it could have cost me a lot more, like the loss of one or more of my babies. I am just thankful that I am observant enough to keep them safe.

  3. These are nice beds. I wish all of my cats liked beds. Only one will use the one we have. It’s one of the covered styles. I guess she feels safe in there.

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